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My adventure touring experiment

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Captn Spock, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. #1 Captn Spock, Dec 8, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2012
    So I couldn't resist not trying a different kind of motorcycle. I'd spent months looking for the "right" bike.

    In the end, I test rode a BMW F700GS (ssshhh!), Triumph Tiger 800, Kawasaki KLR 650 and Suzuki Vstrom 650 ABS. In the end, I found Vstrom to be a clear winner. Triumph is too top heavy (from what I could tell riding it around Dandenongs). BMW was okay but meh, the parallel twin engine was rather lazy. KLR well its Kawasaki but it struggles on the freeway stock standard. Lots of farkles need to be done to a KLR to make it a touring machine. Its more capable off road than it is on road. I test rode a strom and it immediately hit home everything I wanted. Dual sport capability, long distance touring comfort, luggage options, Japanese reliability and last of all steering geometry! The Strom is deceivingly easy to steer. It feels a lot lighter than it is. Not the best looking bike out there, but it ticks a lot of boxes for me.

    And finally last week, I found a near new bike that someone was keen to sell and quickly. For the money I paid, this bike was an absolute bargain! I had the money and so I pulled the trigger. Here is my 2012 Suzuki VStrom 650 ABS. Bought at 6700 kms.

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  2. welcome to club strom. come join swen in the hot tub at the top of the mountain after the ride.

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  3. They seem to be getting more and more popular. They ride so well on crap roads. I really enjoy mine
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  4. Congrats on the new toy, nice color too
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  5. now time to farkle it a bit.

    crash bars, skid plate first. then windscreen and seat cushion. seat was not so flash from wat i could tell today.
  6. should have swapped bikes !! Maybe an airhawk?
  7. should have swapped bikes !! Maybe an airhawk for the seat?
  8. Congrats on the bike mate, you'll be eating up the k's in no time :)

    I think zol wants his bike back though :p
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  9. The seat is shit on long rides. Too curved and needs flattening I think.
    Well done mate. Good choice.
    You won't look back.

  10. Wasn't the seat redesigned on the 2012 model?
  11. i don't believe so.
  12. My butt was fine for the 4 day trip, numbness here and there but overall I'm happy with the seat, as mentioned in the other thread, certain jocks is required, for me anyway. . . [​IMG]

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  13. Nice one Capn :) I look forward to seeing it in person at some stage..

    Are you planning on keeping both bikes going forward?
  14. you're right mt. the guys on stromtrooper.com also seem to be waiting for a decent after market seat to be made for the 2012 model. so must be different.
  15. So redesigned but still not so good...

    When I get financial again, I'll be looking at a new wee Strom and the Tiger 800 (not the XC - too tall for a short-arse like me). Both have now a low seat option. I really enjoyed my Strom (but had a bit of a problem geeting my feet to touch the ground some times LOL)

    How 'bout the screen, do you get any helmet buffering?

    Congrats on the new bike..
  16. yes i do get buffeting. I am 5'10" in height so not as tall as some others. so i am still going to need to get another windscreen for touring.

    having said that i am used to massive buffeting on the zx6. so not a massive deal for me
  17. Before you get another screen try this cheap fix:


    Worked for me...
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  18. I would have thought spacer in the higher bolt to push the screen forward more??