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my across doesn't like long rides

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by smiley235, May 31, 2007.

  1. When i've been riding for more than say 40 minutes or i've been on the freeway, I notice my bike starts to run rough, like the engine isn't revving smoothly and it causes a vibration that your whole body can feel. And when I come to the lights, it has a lumpy idle. Temperature is always only just above cold. Then if I leave it for say an hour, its running perfectly again. This roughness doesn't really effect performance too much but is pretty discomforting. Any ideas on what it might be? it had a major service like 500km's ago.

  2. well sounds the same as my car, i dont know if the same thing happens with liquid cooled bikes, but the cause for the cage was a blown head gasket, and after awhile cyclinder 6 would gradually fill with water :shock: causing the engine to miss and run very rough, and sitting at traffic lights, feel like the thing was going to shake apart
  3. When its doing this try (when safe) opening the fuel tank cap. You may have a vacuum issue caused by a blocked breather hose.

    Could be a heap of things though. Sorry. What does the mech say?
  4. Ah, I havent taken it back to them, When I picked it up he said it was running fine. I'm scared after I drop it off again, i'll have a $1000 bill. I might see if some1 can do a compression test for me.
  5. How do you know your temperature gauge is working?

    And yeah. I had a similar issue with a cage as well that turned out to be a leaking head gasket.
  6. Ok. Ignore my free advice and pay for a comp test.
    No skin off my nose :LOL:
  7. sorry, I should have asked but was rushing, when I remove the fuel cap, if its a breather problem, should the idle be returning to normal?

    Also, I know the temperature guage is working cause when I left it to idle a month ago to recharge the battery a bit, the temp guage went up to 3/4.
  8. Good advice.

    I've seen this happen on several bikes, much more likely than any compression issues.
  9. You will hear air rush into the tank and idle will return to normal if your breather hose is kinked or blocked. It happens quite a lot.
  10. awesome, i'll try it out next time I go for a long ride. Thanks.