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My accident last friday

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Darrin Hodges, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. So last Friday evening I went for a fang through 'the nasho' when coming around a corner there was a large branch, I went a little wide to avoid but being a bit of a decreasing radius bend, found myself way to wide and hit an oncoming car.

    Didn't see the results as I landed behind the car but the ambo said the bike looked pretty buggered. I ended up with pelvis fractured on two places, fractured little finger and everything just hurts! Had all my gear on so that helped a lot.

    Police said I'd charged with some sort of traffic offence, will have to get back to them to find out what, they told me Friday but don't remember what.

    Anyway my poor old bike is being held somewhere, dunno where but I imagine it will be totalled.

    I not sure what happens next, will the insurance company contact me?

    Still in hospital, hopefully out in the next few days but I've had time to look around for my next ride, might go back to the cruisers, misses thinks I'm crazy haha

    Big shout out to the staff, nurses and doctors at St George hospital, amazing bunch of people!
  2. Bummer, glad you are ok, if a bit banged up.
  3. The ARE terrific people. I'd be guessing that you'll cop a negligent driving charge, since you hit the other vehicle.
    Chin up and do everything the nursing staff tell you; they've seen it all before......
  4. Dayam :(

    I don't like going through nasho for those kinds of reasons. Hope you heal up and quick and the legalities are all easy and not too much of a hassle.
  5. Glad you're ok (-ish) mate, that could have been way worse.

    Speedy recovery...
  6. Nice to hear you are OK.. Best of luck in your recovery.
  7. Glad to hear your doing ok, best of luck for your recovery and getting back on the road
  8. All the best Mate. I like the fact that you are already thinking about getting back on the 'saddle'
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  9. Glad you're alright, wish you a speedy recovery mate!
  10. Chin up mate hope you get better soon ... Don't stress about the Bike it can be replaced .!
  11. Bugger mate sorry to hear. Wishing you a speedy recovery
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    Tough love time

    So what did you learn. What will you different in the future to prevent it again?

    Why couldn't you stop before the branch? What if it had been all the way across?

    Why did you not lean in to avoid the car? Did you target fixate on the car? How willl you avoid fhat.

    Those that dont learn are bound to repeat.

    Edit i am not asking because i expect an answer and dont care if you dont reply but you would be wise to come up with answers for yourself. If you want to answer then I or someone ekse might give you tips to help prevent it
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  13. I'm still pondering those exact questions.
  14. Is it ok if he recovers from the anaesthetic first ?
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  15. That sucks Darrin HodgesDarrin Hodges
    hope you heal up quick.

    Have you lodged a claim on your insurance ?
    They'll need to be advised for both vehicles as I guess you can't blame the car.
    Enjoy the shopping. Maybe wait till you heal and can sit on a bike again before deciding which shape / style / size.
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  16. Sorry to hear mate! You'll need to call your insurer, trust me they won't call you!

    I go thru the nasho a lot so this is a bit of a sobering story, thanks for sharing.
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  17. Sorry to hear matey. Sounds like it was just one of those things. Heal quickly.
  18. Glad you are Ok Darrin as above contact your insurer, the bike is probably being held by a towing company and will be attracting storage costs. Your insurer will cover only up to a certain amount so the sooner you let them know the sooner they can assess and arrange for it to be written off or sent to a repairer.

    I know you don't feel like it at the moment but it is in your best interest to start the ball rolling on insurance. It is likely the person you hit will make a claim against you, contact the police to get a Report number to include. Maybe time to get friends of family to start organising this paperwork if you are not up to it.

    Regarding the Police charge, you may be able to use the branch protruding on to the road as a defence. However the system is designed that you don't defend, no defence it will probably be a TIN, fine and demerits. If you defend the court can increase the charge including license disqualification.
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  19. Geez that's terrible hope your up and around soon thinking about your next bike is healthy, recovery will take some time but at least there's something to look forward to .. Vroom vroom
  20. Glad you're still with us and able to talk about it Darrin HodgesDarrin Hodges , hope your recovery goes well.

    Speaking of recovery, and having observed my SIL going through recovery/rehab for a broken pelvis, did yours require surgery? Hers did, broken in 8 places plus broken femoral head, ouch.

    Heal fast.

    Best wishes.