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My '99 ZZR 1100

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Finn, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Took this on our way home from picking her up.

    My "new" 1999 ZZR 1100 next to my "old" 2008 GSX650F.

    The GSX 650 F is a great bike and I'll miss her, but Wifey and I plan on doin' some Two up Touring. Tassie is on the top of our list for next year.
    The ZZR just suits our needs a little better.

    Sadly I can't keep them both, so I'll be puting the 650 up for sale soon. :cry:

    I'm sure I'll be ok though. :grin:

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  2. It definitely is a good looking bike, and in great condition, i'm sure you will enjoy it, and after you have been on it for a while and used to it, they just get better
  3. A magic mile-eater!
  4. nice looking machine :)

    been ridings dads smaller version (600) and its quite fun once you spin it up
  5. Great bike Finn, I remember drooling over one in the bike shop in 1993 when they were first released, 24 lt tank and weighing in around 270kg .. bloody beaut touring or 2up bike. I finally got to ride a mates 1100 in 1996, 240kph and still climbing with half a tacho to go. (in a test situation obviously)
  6. Great Bike Finn,
    Is the GSX650F the full power or Lams version?

    Cheers Paul.
  7. Cheers boys. I'm realy happy with it.

    Nobby, I'm hearin' ya brother.
    I can only imagine being on a Freeway cruisin' at, say, 130-140 and then twisting the wrist to see a blue Suzuki dissapear in the mirror. Look down to see your doing 180-190. All in flash and with no effort.
    I can just imagine the smile that it would put on a riders face.

    It's the Full Strength Version mate.
    You interested?