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my 99 busa vs the rest in dyno shoot-out 20/10/2012

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ex-static, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. am proud to say my 99 busa was chosen by my local honda dealer today, (outside of the ballot they have to gain entry), to take part in a dyno shoot-out limited to just 7 bikes.. they asked me if i'd enter it!.. i don't wanna speak to soon but i think they know its gonna kickass coz they know its badass!.. and i wanna win coz the prize is a full service!

  2. After a dyno shoot out ya gunna need more than a "Full service"

    More like a top end rebuild........
  3. Well I suppose it will depend whaty you are up against. Is it stock?
  4. it's got micron race headers, velocity stacks, smart tre, a kenny roberts tuned titanium pipe and a power commander which is an older model and i don't have the mapping for it so i can run it with or without it.
  5. You should go OK,as long as its not a beauty contest.
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  6. I'd nod that, but I don't want to.
  7. Good luck old mate.

    Let us know how you go. Take some video if you can.
  8. Thought you were going to add Oggy Knobbs to the list to make it go faster :)
  9. don't understand why guys get on the forums just to dis??.. unless they're jealous! - both posts in question reek of guys who were jealous & jilted and have little 250's to go with their little dicks and had nothing better to do that make glib, uneducated posts along the lines of "so what - its makes more bhp, pfft!", which, if he knew anything would know that dyno tuning is not just about max bhp but getting a clear, linear readout of torque/power curve to see where potential issues are and where bike can be improved.. and in relation to comment about bike needing top-end rebuild after dyno tune.. well, just ask anyone who knows about dyno's and they'll tell you, you don't what what yr talking about..

    nuff said.
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  10. Is there a link with details of all the bikes?
  11. Mouth, you coulda left the rest of my post that was an actual reply to the OP.

    ex-static, good luck with the comp, let us know how you go. As an owner, what are your thoughts on Gen 1 (restricted) vs. Gen 1 (unrestricted) vs. Gen 2?
  12. Not being a busa guy - and not wanting to derail the discussion - but, Gurbachen.....what do you mean Gen1 restricted Vs. unrestricted? Did they physically limit some of the first Busa's.......??

    Serious question - I have no idea about these bikes....
  13. I think Busa's were restricted to 297km/h out of the factory. Some kind of Japanese factory gentlemen's agreement or some such.
  14. Hmmmm....fair enough.....never knew that.....
  15. You're new here, aren't you?
  16. Talk about my dyno or shut the F up.
  17. dyno-mite!!!!!!
  18. hmmm... why doesn't that surprise me...

    its sorta like yr ambition outweighed yr talent! (to put it nicely)..

    or, to put it another way, yr ignorance was established in yr first comment about dyno's and now its proven by these latest ones regarding Busa's..

    the first Busa'a (gen 1) were the only model to be unrestricted.. gen 2 models can be de-restricted with some work..
  19. Ok static. Chill.
  20. hey mate.. if you check the list of bikes in my stables that should tell you! - i have 2 99 models for a good reason.. yes they improved the brakes and reduced the weight of the 2nd gen but lost all that raw unrestricted hp (actually, the latest incarnations are now heavier than the 99 model)