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My 848

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Mactype, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. My recent purchase of a new to me 848. Bought a race stand for it, so figured it was time for a photo.

    I'm enjoying the bike muchly!

  2. Nice man. I'd like a Duc one of these days.
  3. That's drool worthy!
  4. Congratulations, Mactype - very nice.
    Enjoy (y)
  5. ughhh I've fallen into a cycle of googling pics of ducatis at work :(

    looks gorgeous...
  6. Nice! matching race stand too haha. what's that metal rod sticking out near your rear exhaust?
  7. Ventura rack (?)
  8. yeap it is the ventura rack, that you can get with it. If you do insist on luggage for it look at the blitz rang of painners , when off you never notice them.

    Nice bike.
  9. Nice ride! But I am biased :D

    I like the lower fairing in black, thinking about vinyl wrapping the lower of my 1098. What brand is the stand? looks good with the castors as well, do mind if I ask how much?

    I was thinking of maybe buying the Bursig stand, but it's pretty pricey!

  10. Thanks guys it came with the rack, not sure it's staying
    The stand is an Anderson stand and was $265 or thereabouts. Let's you move the bike around on the castors that can also lock.

  11. Nice bike.

    You'll love it and try to go easy and the mods............unlike me :)

  12. Wow!!! (y)

    Very nice!
  13. holy crap that is a very very nice looking bike, just pure awesomeness and win!! congrats bro!
  14. nice but ventura rack??? on a ducati... nah man.
  15. Que-elle! Very nice indeed. Even the proper colour.

    Knickers - you've been messing with your 'tar again, haven't you? You'll go blind you know. (Says he with the foot thick glasses.)
  16. (y)
  17. Looks horn man, I'll have a middle weight duke on of these days. Love the things!
  18. i bet my life,, either 848 or 1148 gonna be my next ride the moment I getoff my restrictions..

    Njoy ya ride mate..

  19. now i m jealous mate... haha...
    a state of art bike .. Njoy riding it..