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My 6 weeks in syd = results

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. For those that are interested , here's the link to the LJ Hooker add for my late mums house in sydney , and what 6 weeks of hard labour can do......

    The house had been in 'extreme' neglect and dissrepair following both my Fathers and then my Mums illnesses and the initial valueation was in the low 400k mark ( if the arse hadn't fallen out of the property market in the last few years we could add another 100k to the price easy) but we put it on the at reasonable price so it will sell quick etc etc.
    Lots of labour but only just on 5k on materials :cool:

    Sorry for disapointing all those that I said i'd go for a ride with up there, but even with some very good riding days, I just kept walking around my bike and looking at the bigger picture and putting in 6 weeks of 10 hr days :) :?


  2. Wow, I had one look, and now I want it.


    Nice work bud, and the money you can make on this sort of thing - you could easily make a career out of it if you've got the time and inclination!
  3. well i'll do a 'netrider' only discount ... 520k

    :) :cool:
  4. Seriously mate... i really doubt you'd be able to buy a house with a pool, neat and tidy kitchen, polished boards, for $200,000 anywhere in Australia!!! Not even in Salisbury or Elizabeth in SA!!! (sorry to those that live there).
  5. simple really.
    Value in buildings = next to nothing
    value in land = $$$$$$
  6. Wow, looks absolutely great Bob. I hope everything goes well with a sale for you.

  7. I agree with you about the prices but "thats the way the cookie crumbles"

    My two Bro's with there share are looking at 100acres in Coffs Hbr with TWO f'ing huge houses and backing onto a state forest on three sides ! :twisted:

    for less than what we are asking !!

    But 530k for a 30square house with pool less than 1/2 and hr from the CBD is a bargin for syd
    :p [/b]
  8. Looks good bob, hope you get the asking priace :)
  9. cool do we get to see before pics?
  10. Yup i'll try to find some up put up a link to em, but be warned there not pretty :p

    Unless you like really outdated wallpaper , crappy brown carpet and a kitchen that was falling apart ( literally )..... at xmas i leant on the rangehood and it friggin fell of the wall !!!!
    And dont start me on how the backyard and pool looked either lol

    :LOL: :? :LOL:
  11. ya can in Kyneton!! well between 200-250K. pity i don't have that kinda money or i'd own one already

    nice job though... good work.