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My $50 internan helmet camera - with sound

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Jan 9, 2010.

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    So here is the results of my $25 internal helmet camera + $25 for a 8gb micro sd card.

    The camera is mounted behind my visor on the right hand side of the helmet with a mount made from an old ice cream container plastic as well as 1 piece of 1.5cm x 1 cm velcro

    I haven't got the positioned 100% yet - this video was the first test so all you see is mainly the road directly in front of my right hand side.

    I will eventually get the positioning correct

    I think for $50 the picture and sound are fine

    1gb records 40 minutes of video at 720 x 480 and 30fps so the 8gb is 5 hours worth

  2. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    The camera records in AVI format I converted to mpeg2 and it looked okay on my computer o upload to you tube

    when I uploaded it to you tube it became pixalated because of whatever you tube does with it

    otherwise on my own computer screen direct from my hard drive its a clear and sharp image
  3. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    Very nice.
    Details about camera & microphone & cost please?
  4. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    $25 for the Camera which is 66% size of a standard bic cigarette lighter ( built in Mic) here


    $25 for the 8gb micro sd card on ebay as well

    I think for safety its great -- record what happens should anything befall you

    Going to put one on the back of the bike as well
  5. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    So it's left glove first!!!!!!!!!!!

    And trim your nose hairs mate :)

    With a bit of better positioning (pointing ahead not down) it will work a treat, I reckon you got a decent little rig there. Image quality is great for the price and the wind noise aint too bad.
  6. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    what the ?????????
  7. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    I'd be keen to hear any more wind noise tests in the future, such as visor fully open or 90% closed. But I must admit, the speech inside the helmet whilst riding sounded clear, which is impressive.
  8. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    Yeah will do a new video with that tomorrow morning - stay tuned same R1 Place same R1 Channel same R1 Time
  9. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    If I may request, tomorrow could you take a photo of how that camera looks when attached inside your helmet? I am curious how big or bulky it is when it's inside the helmet and if it obstructs your view.
  10. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    Do a search all will be revealed ;)
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    Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    My own camera is mouted to the side next to my right eye

    well I had the idea to do this originally 6 months ago and looked at all the atck (?) external cams etc but I thought to much wind noise cant record me making comments etc, I found the mini dv online after a search on ebay ,-- so then I looked at you tube to see what other bike riders had done

    most of the yanks use the large rectangular type hd cameras ( like a point and shoot digital camera ) and put them in front of their nose just behind the visor - i didnt like that or the cost and I do not need HD

    I found this nice fellow aussie/canberran rider who had already done what I had in mind to do -( so he beat me too it )on you tube who did a video on how he did his helmet camera

    so rather than create mediocrity I copied what he had done and thanked him for sharing the idea/knowledge/information ad am now passing it on

    here is his video shows you the camera set up etc

  12. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    Yes that's what I wanted to know - it shows the camera mounted inside the helmet, thanks!
    He did mention right at the end that whilst doing a head check, the camera does obstruct his view a bit. I'm guessing the only way to get around that is mount the camera horizontally which is not practical and the camera is unlikely to be able to rotate the image 90 degrees to compensate upon playback.
  13. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    It didnt bother me at all with head checks today maybe its the shape/size of his visor opening that makes it harder for him

    I can not mount to the front as I have the little rubber nose piece at the fron of my helmet and the camera doesnt sit right because of it

    it wont fit in horizontally either you would not be able to put your helmet on without knocking it out of place and if you did manage to put it on the camera would cover your eye if it was horizontal
  14. Re: My $50 INTERNAL HELMET CAMERA - with sound

    good stuff, i want to do this too
  15. Nice work. Quick question, how long is the battery life of the unit please?

    [EDIT] oops never mind, i just read the blurb and it says 2 hours while recording. :)
  16. FYI manufacturer and full details here.

    Seems like a damn nice unit for the $...and my BIL is working in HK atm :D

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  18. Just placed my order. Thanks for sharing. =D>
  19. Yea , thx.

    Just bought 2, now to work out how to fit onto the R1 fairings....
  20. I just bought one too, hopefully its better than my phone camera :)