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My 2500km Roadtrip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Valkrider, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. My annual road trip starts in 8 days, 2500km of shear bliss.
    I'll be leaving home next Thursday and riding to Lake Annecy in France, we'll be having two overnight hotels to break up the journey.
    If anyones interested I'll keep this thread updated throughout the 10 days we're away.

    Just for starters, this is where we're heading to.


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  2. lucky bugger. enjoy. travel safely
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  3. barstid :) enjoy
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  4. Yeah? So? What's so special about a crystal clear lake in a picture perfect location in a beautiful part of a European wonderland? I can do that anytime I want. That's right. Anytime. If I wanna. Sure. Just so happens I'm busy this morning. So there. :bigtears:
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  5. You're a lucky man, ValkriderValkrider. I'll stay at work while you're gone - someone's gotta steer this bloody ship ;-) have a great time mate, am looking forward to some more photos. Bliss doesn't seem like a good enough word for it
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  6. looks like a top destination, enjoy the trip there and back
  7. Have a great trip, yes by all means keep this thread updated. Living in a Southern Australia winter, riding vicariously is one of the few options at the moment.
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  8. So, your task is to take lots of pics and keep us updated..


    Have a good trip...
  9. Thanks for all the good thoughts.
    I'll be giving the bike a service and check over this weekend. Will also have a "dry run" in packing all our gear on as it'll be the first time we've been away without the trailer.
    We're not camping so don't need the trailer.
    I'm really looking forward to this one. The photos I'll put up will only be taken with my phone or tablet as I can't get my proper camera pics onto the tablet without my desktop. I'll post some of the good ones when I get back.

    The weathers looking pretty good for when we're away, mostly sunny and about mid 70's.

    Not long now :cool:
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  10. Safe trip!
  11. As JeffcoJeffco said - bastid :sour::sour:, as we mere peasants trudge through the dying days of winter, looks an amazing location, heaps of pics will be required, another place to add to the bucket list in years to come
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  12. One of the roads we'll be having a go at is the Col D'Iseran, at the top it's 2,764 metres (9,068 ft) above sea level.

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  13. Who's going to man the ferry while you're off riding round the Frenchy countryside?? ;) Have a fabulous trip and LOTS of photos pls!
  14. Wow looks spectacular! Although you wouldnt want to put a foot wrong, that ravine is a loonnngggggg way down
  16. Who cares :D
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  17. Hey ValkriderValkrider I will need a whole lot of detail and many pics if I'm going to vicariously enjoy this trip.
    So, your job is to have a crackingly good time.
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  18. Pictures and stories and maps, too ValkriderValkrider! Hope you have a fabulous trip. Mountains as high as the Col D'Iseran are a bit exciting for Poms and Aussies whose mountains are a wee bit height challenged.
  19. Getting quite excited now, only 3 and a bit days to go.
    For those that are interested, here are the routes that I'll take.

    The first day will also include a 2 hour ferry crossing.
    The second day will be more leisurely and the 3rd day we aim to be in Annecy by lunchtime.
    We can't get into our accommodation for the week until 4pm, so we'll probably have some lunch and have a look round. 1st stop. 2nd stop. day 3.
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  20. I'm thick as sh!t when it comes to poota's, so I apologise for the crappy maps above.