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My 2011 Royal Enfield C5 Military

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Gurbachen, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Here is my gorgeous new bike, just delivered today. Took it for a spin for an hour, straight into traffic, possibly not too intelligent considering i've only done a four hour learner course, but it felt fantastic. Need to work on my throttle control, and remembering which gear i'm in (and to avoid first gear whenever possible, jerky sumbitch). But anywho, here we are




    I know they're much maligned here, buy I saw it in person at the dealership/garage and fell immediately in love. Now I just need a good name for her :cool:
  2. Everything I've read about the new C5 engine is very good. Anyone who maligns them on the basis of their (well deserved) old reputation, should familiarize themselves with the latest developments and owners self-reported reliability regarding the new models.
  3. well even considering the reputation of the old ones, i've heard at least equal numbers of testimonials to their pros as to their cons. but either way what's done is done and i'm smitten :D
  4. Nice bike there, hope you enjoy many happy days on it.
    I'd be lying if I said I didn't look at these when I was bike shopping. There was a dealer for them in Bendigo I think G'borough. Definitely stands out and has looks of it's own.
  5. Yeah I bought it from Eurobrit in Greensborough, who claim to be the only Enfield dealer in Victoria, although the Royal Enfield Australia site has another listed for Bendigo, but that's way too far for me. But the Eurobrit place is awesome, filled with Enfields and Triumphs and Vincents and other goodies
  6. There is another dealer at Bendigo, well Kangaroo Flat actually. He's only ever had 1 or 2 enfields are most along with a ural outfit sometimes plus a lot of customized cruisers (mostly Harleys) which is what they seem to do most.

    To be honest the shop all looks a bit marginal to me and I wonder how well he'll go once the strongly rumored Harley Davidson dealer opens in Bendigo, he might well lose a lot of what seems to be his main trade area.
  7. really nice bike mate. I have always loved the look of Enfields.
  8. Looks terrific! I've always had a soft spot for WWII-looking bikes - seeing them in movies was probably my introduction to motorcycles.
  9. yeah my choice came down to whether or not i wanted to hunt nazis (C5 Military) or future robots hellbent on enslaving the human race (GV650). I went with the nazi option. Now to get a full body captain america leather body suit...

    Thanks for the compliments all :)
  10. that looks bloody awesome! I'm jealous!
  11. wait I'm confused...is that new bike that looks old or is that a really old vintage bike
  12. I really liked the Aquila when I tried it, but hunting Nazis is cooler. :)
  13. Especially if they're zombie nazis...
    Nice ride.
  14. Beautiful classic, enjoy every minute of it.
  15. that's stunning!
  16. It's a brand new bike, 2011 like I said, but a largely unchanged design since '55 or something. You can read about it at www.royalenfieldaustralia.com
  17. Not this engine. But yes, a great bike! Congratulations.

    Where's the malignment?

    It will be interesting to see how these go. I hope they are reliable - I'd own a RE in a heart beat if they didn't tend to blow up every 10,000km - and I mean rods through the cases etc etc. Even with that, they're a good alternative to owning an actual 1950s bike - parts are so cheap. Do the Hitchcock parts (bearing, rod, piston) fit these? Might be worth doing the conversion at 10,000km anyway.

    I almost bought a RE Bullet 350 a few weeks ago - for a couple of days I was sorely tempted by two - before deciding to go with a Yamaha XT or XV.

    I'm envious. (Kind of :))
  18. Not sure what you meant by 'Not this engine'. And this forum is fairly filled with bad testimonials of the RE, but i've looked elsewhere and found just as many who consider them fair bulletproof. No idea about the parts you're talking about, i'm new to riding and new to RE's so I don't really know a whole lot about it
  19. It's a newly designed engine. Starting with the unit construction and going on from there! That's not the '54 design, it's the break with it.

    I don't recognise you from the Aussie Enfields forum...who told you they're bullet-proof? The jury's still out with the C5, but trust me, the criticisms of Enfields, at least the ones from me on NR, come from clear-sighted observation of them over some years, based on the experience of very commited Enfielders. You can love something and be lucid about its faults. The opinion of journalists is worth nothing when those same journos just ride a new bike for a few weeks and have no long term constant-use experience. The yanks go on about them being bullet proof, but that's because yanks don't ride their bikes. The Australians, who do, find an interval of about 10,000km between needing rebuilds or blowing engines. Sorry, but that's a fact of collective experience. Big end failure due to the OPR valve, bent rods, pistons that readily lose their crowns, and a few other things! Don H., in Melbourne, who's ridden about 110,000km on his, has done about six engine rebuilds. The well-known Norm had a hell of a time with his Helectra, and he's the one others go to for help. These are all the pre-unit engines I'm talking about, naturally. The C5 is new.

    Don't worry though, you've bought a great bike. That's a fact. But you have to be lucid about what you've bought: if you want Japanese bullet-proof-ness, you've got the wrong bike. It doesn't matter though: these bikes are easily and cheaply rebuildable - you be able to learn to do so yourself - and their are after-market English engine components for overcoming some of the shoddy third-world workmanship (Hitchcocks). I'm told the bike is pretty reliable after these mods: if I were you I'd be keeping my ear out about whether the C5 wants these mods (maybe it doesn't need them?). If so, you only have to do it once. $1000 worth of parts is all. If I had the money for a third bike I'd buy one tomorrow (an older Indian Bullet). At some point I might even sell my SR500 and get one as my second bike. I don't mean to make you nervous about your purchase - you've bought a great bike, in my opinion the most character-filled bike out there. The criticisms up till now have been very much deserved, and are made by people who love the bike. But seriously, at worst you've got nothing to worry about for a while, and with this engine perhaps the problems everybody in Australia has experienced before now have actually been overcome? If so, sign me up for one tomorrow!

    Any way, we live near each other - when you're ready to spend a day out country riding, give me a hoy.


  20. Very nice. Theres something reassuring about being able to see all the parts and what they do.