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My 2011 Hyosung GT650R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by MaxBiker, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]


    current mods:
    Dark Screen
    Tidy Tail
    LED rear turn signals
    LED Flasher relay
    Warning stickers removed
    Painted headlight

    Next Mods:
    Billet Levers-Arrived
    Flush LED Turn Signals (front)- Being delivered
    Swingarm Spools- Being delivered
    HID Headlight- Being delivered
    Black Anodized faring Bolts- Working on ordering
    SS Black race brake lines- saving $$$ for them
  2. Need a side on shot! And diagonally down and across for the best affect!

    But nice bike man, restricted for lams?
  3. Love your enthusiasm for your ride mate. Not my cuppa tea , but looks good. Enjoy.
  4. First bike I'm assuming??

    Just a small piece of advice, be careful not to put too much $$ into this one, as you'll no doubt be upgrading as soon as you're off you're restrictions.

    If I'm wrong and this is your dream bike that you plan to keep for a while, go nuts with the mods ;)
  5. Definitely fire your photographer, he doesn't know what the people want :p Congrats on the bike
  6. can't really fire my photographer, that would be me. I have some old photos of it before the mods, but doesn't look as good. I was just throwing some up for people to see.
    As for my first bike, no. this is actually my second. it's the exact year and model of the first one i ownd that got written off last year. As for the mods, haven't spent a whole lot of money on the mods. but I do enjoy the bike, and don't plan on upgrading with another race bike. I like this one, and will keep it till I run it into the ground. I want to get a cruiser next. Like an 80's suzuki gsx750e. But that will probably be sometime in the future.
  7. Here are some better pics
  8. Very nice!

    I reckon these 650's sound fantastic
  9. I like the sound on them so well I almost refuse to change to an aftermarket exhaust. I have looked into it, but I don't like the idea of the sound being louder. I drive home at 1230 am. don't think the neighbors would like it too much.
  10. im riding the 250 on lone from ps when i take it back to pickup my daytona im going to ask if they will do a strait swap it is awesome
  11. You want to do a straight swap from a Daytona to a Hyosung 250?????
  12. :popcorn: <--- for when the engine blows up :D

    enjoy your bike bud
  13. i dont in general get sports bikes , buts your looks pretty cool .
    the alloy brackets stand out like dogs balls though .
    debadge the hyo of the tank? is that a dumb suggestion?
  14. I'm working on a permanint fix to spray the rear sets black along with the pillon sets, if I don't remove those all together. and I want to get the lower farings repainted to get rid of the GTR crap. but as for the Hyosung badge. I like it there. I have seen a lot of people get rid of it or re-badge it with a popular name brand. but I'm not ashamed of the brand i bought. and I really enjot it, so why would I get rid of it. I also want to get black clip on's. so that will stick out less.
  15. he he he ive been told there bullit proof
  16. dont get me wrong the daytona is a great bike, but the hyo is,, wow just wow
  17. ok, but before you jump right into a hyosung look this place up. Korider.com
    You will see depending on what model and year you get, there is a lot of preventative work that needs to be done to these bikes to keep them safe for us to ride.
  18. ps were not interested they said nothing short of a 1198 would make them part company with that sweet little baby
  19. [​IMG]
  20. who me?