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My 2011 honda cbr1000rr casey stoner replica

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by hammered, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. very nice. Just get a number 1 casey sticker for the front...
  2. Very nice mate! Just get yourself the TaylorMade exhaust for it and it will be the business! (y)
  3. Nice bike! Hope you ride like a gun!
  4. yeah i got some shoes to fiull dont i haha.
    Having the number one on the front does seem a little poserish to me though :s
  5. Keep it the way it is, extremely top bike,the cans dont look out of place like some bikes have the same bike (as a screen saver).
  6. pics with the rear hugger will be up this week
  7. Can i please get your guys opinion.

    Should i get frame sliders for this bike. This means i need to cut the fairing to for them on :s
  8. I say get it. It's going to save you some $$ in the event of a low speed drop, maybe even a high speed too.