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My 2011 CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Makaveli, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Thought it was time to post a pic of my CB400. Bought it new a couple of months ago. Stock besides the Blueflame Exhaust, K&N Air Filter, and Oggy Knobs. I absolutely love it! Can't wait til I can get my Street Triple though..

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  2. Picture may help..

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  3. No picture?
  4. It certainly would! :)
  5. Looks fantastic !!
  6. Can't see the picture as well. :(
  7. You scare me Makaveli. I've ordered a Blueflame exhaust for my 2011 CB400, to get me through until I can get my Street Triple. It's like you've known me all my life ;) :LOL:
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  8. i also bought a 2011 cb400sf vtec (if thats what u have) what is a decent exhaust but without burning a hole in my credit card?
  9. After quite a while of research I reckon the Blueflame is the best value. Down side is that it will take at least one month to arrive at your door. If you want to splash more a few others on the CB400 thread got the moriwaki short black exhausts. They stand by those.
  10. the moriwakis are like 850! :\ my local honda dealership sell those yoshi's and can order in akrapovic exhaust full or slip on. Im going to ask how much when i go see them in the next few days :)
  11. The Akrapovic will be over 1.5k but will most def be the best! They sound amazing. A slip on would be awesome too!
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    Ive been told scorpions dont sound to bad either im doing some research for it now :)

    this is witht he baffle (silencer) in im going to take mine out :)

  13. Had a Scorpion on the Kwaka...... Bang for buck is excellent..... Good can. Would definitely recommend.

    Gunna go all out for the Akrapovics on the Ape though :D
  14. Mine just arrived after only 2 and a bit weeks :applause:
    Now I just need the weekend to arrive :) Mmmm, carbony :LOL:

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  15. thats hot the scorpion im getting looks just like it but with scorpion on it haha
  16. So.......... where's the picture hmmm? .... see ya on yr Hyo... but no pic of your Honda.. come on!! I'm sitting here is suspenders.... I mean suspense!!
  17. I havent picked it up yet ;( depressing hey but im doing the 7-9th putty run so ill get some photos from there hahaha aswell :)

    but ill get photos of my new bike helmet etc soon :D
  18. Nice one bruv! It'll make the world of difference. I hit vtec in almost every gear change just to hear the girl scream ;)