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My 2010 zx6r

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by KANGA, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, finally off the P's and upgraded. She was completely stock when I got her barring the crash knobs, bar ends and fender eliminator. Had a 2 month period of having to wait until I was unrestricted so went a little mod happy on her lol.
    Replaced out the lower fairings to a black oem one's from a wreckers.
    Changed the exhaust to a scorpion RP-1
    Added a puig double bubble screen
    Solo seat cowl
    Grips (bloody things are filthy already but f*cked if I'm ever going to try and install a set of grips again!!)
    Adjustable Levers
    Took off the upper fairing decal's (yes I know, drop in value but you can get OEM replacement ones for 18 bucks a piece if I ever want to sell)

    Overall I'm really happy with shes turned out. Amazingly fun to ride, taking it nice and easy for the moment as the power difference is huge compared to my old ZZR. Going to look in to CSS and some track days soon :)


    yup ... instagram :p
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  2. looks good!
    have a 12 myself the green is such a stand out colour.
    next step you should remove those rear footpegs and get an exhaust hanger :biker:
  3. no squidding sticker gave it less HP
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  4. ah mate so jealous! we will have to go for a ride sometime soon so I can see it in the flesh!! Congrats on finally being able to ride it haha.
  5. Very nice
    great color.
  6. Well modded zx, tasteful yet functional. Any plans for a PC to get the most out of the pipe?
  7. Looks good buddy. Enjoy and ride safe.
  8. Cheers guys

    [MENTION=27328]something_wild[/MENTION] not for a while yet, moving in to a new place soon so having to spend money on some new furniture but its on the books after CSS. For now its got plenty of power for what I need (even with the stickers goz :p )

    [MENTION=27862]hromero89[/MENTION] still in the process of moving in to my new place but when I'm all done and sorted I'll give you buzz and organise a proper ride weekend :)

    [MENTION=34410]Truck1n[/MENTION] I saw a ZX6 on another forum with the MGP growler and exhaust hanger. Gotta admit looked really good.
  9. Looks great but you missed a bit when you changed the fairings to black...
  10. never thought id say it, but that looks amazing in the green
  11. [MENTION=21911]Dougz[/MENTION] lol! I was actually considering it at one point but then I saw the price of the parts. I think belly pans are cheap because they always have scratches along the bottem from just general use.

    [MENTION=32935]alexjkoro[/MENTION] thanks mate, huge compliment :)
  12. Beautiful bike mate...love the colour and the headlight...look great with after market exhaust...enjoy your ride will look out for you on the road..

    Ride safe mate....
  13. PWOAHHHH nice ride! Loving that exhaust! Hows she sound?
  14. Nice....