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My 2010 ZX6R White

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jamesthewonderful, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  2. thats nice, but you barely got a pic that shows it :-s
  3. White bikes are awesome! The white really stands out against the black frame and inserts. And you can't go past Ninja styling! Have fun riding that thing!
  4. I find myself agreeing with sivartydrup on the subject of white bikes. I'm not sure why but as a vehicle colour white is incredibly boring on cars and the like yet I find myself loving the way it looks on many of the current model motorcycles. Perhaps I'm too geeky and see a stormtrooper like menace in them.
  5. Yeah j3st3r, I don't like white cars either. And it may be a geeky thing, my iPhone is the white one!

    Just realised jamesthewonderful, you haven't written anything to go with you (very artistic) photos. Any initial impressions on the ZX6R? Does it come standard with the ohlins steering dampener?
  6. In white it's a thing of beauty. Comes standard with the steering damper. Here's a shot of the pretty girl.
  7. thats 1 chunky pipe
  8. hooollly shit thats probobly amazingly amazing holy shit my god
  9. And now begins years of slavery to keeping it look that pretty:LOL: (as any person with a white car knows only too well.)

    Seriously, that's a nice-looking machine. Now, white ridiing boots, white-themed leathers, white helmet, white gloves??? You'll be able to rent yourself out for laundry-powder advertisements :LOL:.
  10. I see the side mounted can is making an appearance again...Bout time

    Off you go to Bike Gear Warehouse and buy yourself a Jardine GP pipe and enjoy high revs and sweet sweet music
  11. I own a white 2008 Ford Focus Zetec hatch also. Hahaha. I wanted a blue ZX6R but they didn't have any in stock but white was definitely a better option (for me) than black or green.
  12. how are the headlights? ive had shit experiences with those "projector lenses"
  13. Welcome to the KWAKA club.

    Awesome looking bike.
  14. white....
    great colour with the aluminium, tyres etc.
    Much more stylish than the boorish standard colours.
    Well done!
    The detailing effort on a white bike is about the same as others, except you need to put more effort into the wheels, tyres, frame etc as they really show imperfections against the white.
  15. Wish I waited a year for the white :(
  16. Nothing wrong with black ;)