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My 2010 Phantom Black Street Triple R - Meet Mia

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by timmyc, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Picked her up last Friday privately with only 3000kms on the clock. She is amazing to ride and I love her to bits! :D

    Lots and lots of bling and mods to come...

    Obligatory pics:





    Higher res and a few more pics at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timmy_c/sets/72157625440840011/
  2. Very niiiice ^5
  3. I like that very much.
  4. I love the looks of this bike!

    I actually had one of these on my list as a bike I would love to have after my 250cc.

    I had the chance to sit on one at the bike show a couple of weeks ago and walked away knowing that it wasn't the bike for me. Too tall, and the whole set up just felt wrong. After seeing your photos, I'm thinking I need to give this bike another chance.

    What a sexy looking bike! Congratulations, she's a beauty.
  5. That is a very nice looking bike.
  6. wa wa wi wa!!

    gold rims set it off nicely, I now command you to order lots and lots of bling $$$
  7. Awesome bike, awesome name!

    How did the name come about?
  8. Looks great! Congratulations. :D

    First order of business? A tailchop and some nice bar-end mirrors methinks!
  9. You don't need to tell me twice! :p

    Just broken up with a girlfriend of 3 years. My housemates and I were discussing the perfect girl that I was looking for, and I thought her name would be something a little unique like Mia.

    Then the bike came along and voila, she is my new perfect girl!
  10. I've got plenty of carbon fibre goodies incoming, as well as some ASV levers and a nice alarm system :)

    Still trying to decide tailchop kit to get, I want something that makes it easy to bring back to OEM in case of a defect haha.

    Also in terms of the mirrors, I'm torn between the Rizoma Tomok in Gold/Black which mount normally or the Rizoma Reverse Retro bar ends :(
  11. nice machine
  12. Hey Tim! Wow u got ur bike already- its gorgeous! How much was it?
  13. Got it for 11k with only 3000kms on the clock! Needless to say I was a very happy man :D

    How are you going with the VTR?
  14. The bike's a beaut and I agree with ResmeN, the gold rims are awesome.

    Where was it advertised, bikesales?
  15. Trading Post. I was about to go and buy a new one that day for ~$14500. Saw this, then went and snatched it up quickly!!
  16. You got a good one there!
  17. Agreed +1

    Despite bike/car sales always having more vehicles I've always bought/sold vehicles thru trading post and they have gems such as this one from time to time.

    So that's a saving of $3500 which will be more than enough to personalize your bike to your tastes.
  18. You can get a set of Triumph Bar Ends which look identical to the Rizoma Reverse Retros but cost far less.
  19. Very sweet ride. I highly recommend the Arrow's :)
  20. nice bike! looks so clean. I got the SW-Motech tail tidy. Uses OEM indicators so changing it back isn't too hard. Removing the brake light cover is the biggest issue with rain.