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My 200cc Sexy Bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by psybic, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    Specs - http://www.vitek.com.au/bikes/specs.php

    So anyway... just went down to check the mail... thought I had a tax bill, why else would I receive mail from the Australia Government... unless it was like a secret service call up or something, which is kinda likely, cause I have some pretty sweet ninja skills..

    nope... turns out it was IMPORT APPROVAL!!!

    Can I get a f#@k yeah?
  2. Have you got ADRs yet? How much and when!
  3. Nar mate. Just the approval to get the test one over. So it should land in 10days or so from now.... about my birthday perhaps... what a present...

    but yeah, then with that bike, we must have it all tested and stuff and then apply for compliance plate approval with the test results after some expensive brake tests and a few emmissions and other design rules checks.

    depends how long it takes to organise these tests, after they are complete, compliance plate approval should take a few weeks after that, then we will bring in the first shipment of 32bikes 10days after that.

    Feb is looking good for first landed bikes with compliance plates. We'll take early sales as soon as compliance plate approval is achieved.

    This means that we will finally have one of these bikes in Australia shortly, which means I can take my digi cam down to Sydney and get some footage of the bike.
  4. good news! always thought it looked sweet. would be cool to see more photos,vids ect
  5. yes indeed. i can't wait to sit on it and see what it feels like.


    Can I get a f@#k yeah?

    don't leave me hanging.

    *hand remains in hi-5 position*
  6. f@#k yeah?

    There ya go mate!
  7. HI FIVE. :cool: .

    They do look very cool.
    I have seen you been waiting for a while to get them over here.
    Good luck with the ADR.

    Just hope they go as good as they look. :cool:
  8. :) thankyou
  9. *Hits the Hi-5*

    I noticed on the specs page that it is electric start, but it appears to have a kick-starter in the piccies...is it dual start?

    Is this a Chinese bike? Any idea on a really rough price estimate? Are we talking less than $3k, $3-$5k, $5-$7k, or +$7k

    Edit: Forgot to ask, do you have to crash test it, or is that only for cars?
  10. *earth shattering slap noise followed by head nod* nice contact there man
  11. We are talking $3-$4k hopefully.

    Yes it has both electric and kick, which I really like about it.

    Nar, don't need to crash test it... haha
  12. Ahh, the long lost art of kick starting :D
  13. Awesome news mate, I know you've been waiting forever. Let me know if you want a hand with any filming/editing/etc.
  14. cheers.

    I'm trying not to get hopes too high, this is just the begining.

    So many things could go wrong, especially the obvious ones of the bike being no good and not passing some of the testing.

    This is a good start though :)
  15. Good on you for trying and I hope you'll get there eventually... but I don't think you'll have those bikes ready for sale by February. Two Wheels 08/07 had an interesting article about ADR rules and the process of getting compliance and it looks like Kafka's worst nightmare. Here's a quote from that article:

    "Moto Morinis arrived with full European certification and he
    [ADR engineer working on compliance process] described what he is doing as almost a formality. Yet it will take approximately five months to complete ADR testing, evaluation and compliance issuing process"

    I hope your bikes arrive with full European certification! :)
  16. yikes. they don't. although i have partial documentation to euro standards from its little brother the 125cc varient.

    this is bad news.

    thanks for the heads up though.

    never the less... i shall push on, they'll get here when they get here then, lol.

    anyways, i'm sure even if they start landing jun or july next year, there will still be a market as i don't see fuel prices going down.
  17. Mate

    Don't forget to put in a Reader's Special on that 1st shipment!

    Altho saying that, I'm in the market for a small commuter, I don't think I can wait that long.

    How bout shipping 1 over to VIC and I'll help you "test it out"!
  18. Hahaha, wish I could just ship a few around already.

    cb250goespop - could you post the link to that article, i'd enjoy having a good read. I am certainly no expert in all this, just a random who wanted a bike and saw an oppurtunity to fill a gap in the market when i found out it wasn't available yet.

    So i hope i can sort it all out and get it happening. I think making these bikes available in oz will be good for all of us, giving more people the oppurtunity to own bikes, as they are cheaper and smaller. expensive, big and fast are the things that scare most people off learning to ride in my experience. as much as we all say, its ok, u'll get used to it plenty quick enough, it will be good to have something to get more people started.

    more motorbike riders on the road is better for the environment and general driver awareness of motorbike riders.
  19. Best looking door stop I've ever seen! :grin:
  20. Sorry, no link - this was an article printed in Two Wheels, August 07 issue (the one with GTR1400 on the cover). In that same issue, in another article Bike Doctor remembers his experiences with ADR process... Essential reading to get some idea about what you've taken on and how to deal with it... get hold of this issue somehow, maybe you know someone who has it, or try the library, or maybe even backorder from Two Wheels?