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My 2008 Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by screwball, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. #1 screwball, Sep 19, 2010
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    Hey all,

    So on Thursday I was looking on Bikesales.com.au and found a Triumph Daytona 675 down at Team Moto Yamaha in Nerang (Gold Coast) and thought "Bewdy, I can take that for a ride!" so I rang them and tee'd up a ride for that afternoon.

    Instantly I became addicted to the noise. The triple just sang, grumbly but more high pitched than the old man's Rocket III. You can tell that they're of the same make, they just have the same core sound.

    It was sharp, accurate, calculated.. I loved every second of the ride. I got back and put my bargaining hat on. The sticker price was $12,995 plus on road costs.

    I offered $10,500 plus on road costs (I had them at around 800 dollars) and was declined. They said they needed $11,000 for the bike and on roads on top. I did the hard sell and walked out.

    I got a call the next day saying that they'd got an 07 black D675 in that had 10,000km on the clock that they could do for $10,500.00 so I went back in and had a look. Looked alright, but all it took was for me to notice the scrapes on the mirror and the bent brake lever and I was off it. They were two very little things but I would never be satisfied with the guys explanation of "Oh he probably just scraped it on a post or something".

    Went back on Saturday to have a proper look and give them the benefit of the doubt on the black one and give it a ride. Overnight I did some research and figured that 2008 D675's with 5000km or thereabouts were going for around $11,000 and up to over $13,000 so I set a firm price of $11,500 inclusive of onroads.

    Got there, took the first one for another ride and told the guy to forget about the black one. Rode a 2006 ZX636R and a 2006 GSXR750 to compare. The Ninja was in the same ballpark but just didn't have the intoxicating noise that the D675 had. The Gixxer was... well... The speedo seemed to be stuck in triple figures. Too much for a mainly road-ridden bike for me. You have to wind it right out in first and even then you're well into courtroom territory regardless of what speed limit you're in.

    So I laid down my offer to the sales guy who did his "I'll talk to the manager" bit a few times, and in the end I just said that if he wanted more than $11,500 on road, I had to give up and leave. He came back and gave me the green light. I got the bike for $10,8XX which really considering they had $12,995 on it, is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

    I don't have pictures yet as I haven't picked it up, but I have this little video of the very mild twist on the test ride. Yes, I know I'm breaking the ATGATT rule but they were very very busy and had no more jackets or gloves left as several test rides were happening simultaneously.

    [URL="]Turn your speakers up![/URL]

    Edit: A pic of the bike and my new lid :)

  2. I am a jealous, jealous man. I love the way these bikes look and sound, but I don't think I could live with the riding position for everyday commuting.

    Good work on the bargaining too, I am an absolutely terrible bargainer.
  3. I was going to go have a test of that bike I saw it on bike sales too. Nice work.
  4. Love mine and you will be very happy with yours Im sure. Well done
  5. Nice one mate! U won't regret it they are a fantastic bike. Get some photos up :)

    Once your used to the bike, if you want to make the most of the power the best money I ever spent on mine was going down 1 tooth on the front sprocket and fitting a speed triple throttle tube. It turns it into an animal I wish I'd done it sooner. About $60 in parts!
  6. yep. 1050 throttle tube was about 25 bucks and is easy to fit. big difference too.
  7. Hey mate,

    Do you have any links to parts or information as to where I can obtain them?

    I'm not much of a mechanic so is it fairly cut and dry installation or should I pay someone?


  8. Screwball check out the 675 forum.They have a complete how to. I cant access it from work but if you havent found it by tonight Ill post a link.

    Its the easiest mod in the world. Literally unbolt the old one bolt on the new one. Be unlucky to take 10 minutes.
  9. Hah there is a lot of information there, thank you :)

    Will post pics up when I pick it up probably Saturday morning.

    Cheers all.