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My 2005 ZX636!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by sparz, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    I finally got off my gpx250 :D Bought this 2005 kawasaki zx636 with 15,000kms on the clock.

    I've had it since Saturday and i cant believe how much power it has. I've only been able to get the bike to 10,000 revs - like once or twice (starts redline at 15,500)...and even then absolutely shitting my pants leaning forward and gripping tightly with my thighs so i dont fall off. The amount of torque is crazy at those revs. Still find myself asking the question "who the hell needs this much power". It's not even usable on the road. It's certainly not hard to break the speed limit, even in first or second gear!

    I must say it is soo different to my old bike. Cruising on the highway doing 110 on less than 6000rpm and knowing there is plenty of power to get out of sticky situations, even in 6th gear. On the way back from picking it up i had to do an hour of highway riding. Lets just say a car was merging into my lane and i had enough power to just speed ahead and get out of the way. Oh and i gotta say front brakes work amazingly well too!

    Tomorrow ill be replacing all of the fluids. Oil, coolant, brake fluids, oil filter, etc. Might eventually invest in some braided brake lines and possibly a full exhaust system :)

    here are some pretty bad quality pics for yas!

  2. very very nice dig the "evil eye" look in the second photo

  3. Awesome, welcome to the ninja family :)
  4. Awesome bikes aren't they :D
  5. Welcome to the club. Good bike you have there.
  6. That's a hot looking bike mate - congratulations!
  7. I chucked my green p plate on it today! All the smiles i got...... :D
  8. Seems bit brighter then my 636
    I got blue colour too but mine is matt metalic blue, not glossy like yours.
    Mine has Jardine pipe, very happy with it.

    Get Motul 7100 and K&N Air filter.
    You will notice the diffrence.
  9. Well done mate - great looking bike (y)
  10. Gorgeous bike. Congrats mate.
  11. Excellent. I've been thinking of purchasing a k&n filter :D :D Does it sound any better with the aftermarket air filter?

    Some more pics... better camera and lighting :p

  12. I love the tailpipe in this model. One of the neatest backends!
  13. aha yes... As much as i want a new exhaust, the only exhaust that fits as nicely as the stock one is the Jardine (and they're a little pricey). By the way, the stock pipe has an amazing tone when you are above 7000rpm

    I've racked up 1000kms on it so far and im loving it.
  14. Either K&N or Unifilter, they're both great air filters but I lean towards Unifilter because they're Australian and also about half the price of K&N's. Bit easier to wash and re-oil, too.

    Anyway, great looking bike. I really like the look of the kwakas from the early 00's, sure its a hoot to ride. Is it all wrist-weighted like the current ZX-6?

    - boingk
  15. how are the headstem bearings? any weird vibration under braking?
  16. I've got an Akrapovic pipe on mine, which looks very similar to a stock pipe with a carbon fibre tip. I don't know how much it cost though.