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My 2003 Yamaha WR450 Supermoto Build up

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. So I managed to get a 2003 WR450 at a good price to use as a dual purpose bike

    Its in dirt bike form currently

    Its got the usual scrapes scratches and so forth but as its my first attempt I at a supermoto build I it thought best to start out cheap

    its done some miles but has a rebuilt engine ( new barrel and all ) carb has been jetted and has a brand new full fmf system, the front and rear suspension has already been set up for a 110kg rider with heavier springs , re-valve and so on - has done about 500kms on the rebuilt motor and the guy lives down the road from me and has been very helpful and told me to come see him any time if I have any problems at all.

    Now its time to build it into a supermoto

    On the shopping list is a motard set up from

    Mostrano http://www.motostrano.com/

    A new set of plastics with a yz450 rear tail to get rid of the ugly wr450 one

    Need to find templates from an 2003-2005 (/?) wr450 plastics to design my own RHOK graphics for printing

    some new barkbuster skins

    supermoto size side stand

    a general clean up

    later model headlight

    and other crap i can think of when it remember like axle sliders

    I look forward to some urban hooliganism like jumping cop cars etc

    This one should move me along much better than the WR250X I had which was a freaking lovely bike but underpowered for my fat arse

    I am just not sure whether to go for a 4.25 rear rim and a 150 tyre

    or go for the full sik 5 inch rear rim and 160 for bragging rights -

    the 5 inch will means spacers for front and rear sprocket to avoid the chain rubbing on tyre and rim ( no problem - I get my beotch felix to cnc them for me )

    where as the 4.25 and 150 will not and I am led to believe the 150 tyre will allow it to handle / turn in better

    I was considering stripping it fully and having Felix repaint it and polish all metals by hand to save him from ultimate gheyness (riding his sophie cbr1000rr in public ) as it would keep him entrenched in his bunker for a few weeks more - I may let him grow his fingerprints back first though before starting this one.

    meh what the fark would I know I am a newbie to supermoto- but I believe I will enjoy it more than the lightcycle R1 though as I will track this one when ready.

    if any one has supermoto stuff that suits this bike that they want to sell drop me a PM message

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  2. keenly interested in this thread. Have fun, and goodluck
  3. This might give you and idea of how it will look. This was my 1999 WR400.




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  4. What size wheel/tyre cazzo
  5. I can't remember, they were 17" Excel black rims with blue Haan centres I think. rear was a 5" width iirc.
  6. thank you
  7. So first thing is the 2008 wr450 headlight


    Then a trailtech vapor unit with a tacho

  8. wheels will be courtesy of extreme powesports Australia http://www.xpsa.com.au/

    They are an Aussie business and a new start up so I am supporting them by buying the wheels

    The wheels will be blue hub and blue rim

    like this - but still not sure whether to choose a silver hub




    Tyres will be sourced from netrider member MMTS

    Pilot power 2 in a 120/70/17 and a 160/60/17


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  9. I am still trying to decide if I want to convert the bike for motard use into a black and gold combo black plastics etc with gold wheels gold hubs


    or maybe a white supermoto with gold wheels


    or to stick with the yamaha blue and white

    Keep in mind I have a blue frame

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  10. I like black. (my opinion).
  11. Choices

    Black plastics + gold wheels and hubs

    Blue/White plastics + blue rim/hubs or Silver rims /hubs

    White plastics Gold rims /hubs ( havent seen one like that before)
  12. Keep in mind a cush-drive rear hub is pretty much a must-do with these things, given there is next to no give on asphalt compared to dirt in the traction stakes. Spirited use of the clutch can hence bomb gearbox components.
  13. black and gold.
  14. Yeah, I agree. Black and gold plastics.
  15. Black with the blue wheels and hubs? something different anyway
  16. How about using the "monogp" race build as inspiration?

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  17. I am looking forward to getting the bike set up as a supermoto

    It will be a trial run for me - if the bug bites I plan to upgrade to a current model fuel injected WR450 in the future which I will bling to the max ( might get Felix to polish the frame and swing arm )

    I am sure I will ride it more around town than the R1 and enjoy it more than the R1 Lightcycle

    The R1 will be used more for the long distance rides inter-city etc
  18. In that case can't go past black n gold :)
  19. Decided to leave it as it is and just get the wheels etc for the time being as it the first tard build

    if I like it enough which I am sure I will I plan to put the experience into a late model 2012 injected bike - maybe a ktm as they have more bits available to them - however the price will have to drop first
  20. Black plastics with red wheels and gold hubs
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