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My 1st service is up... Questions

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mrCAMPO, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Ok, I've just hit the 1000km digit on my RS125, since late September.

    I know what you're thinking.. But I've only used my bike for weekend trips and thanks to busy weekends, I've been restrained to ride more.

    Anyway, I got a quote from Bikebiz, who are quoting me $220 for a first service. is this the norm? I also got a quote for $150 from John Sample Automotive, who are both official Aprilia service centres (I bought my bike from BikeBiz though).

    Why is there are variance in price? When I asked, they were quoting the same things as a 1st service should be and I'm unsure which way I should go.

    I'd like at least the 1st service to be done professionally. I know enough of my bike to confidentally work on it when I've done more mileage and just follow the service book guidelines.
  2. dont go to bikebiz and dont go to actions, shop around
  3. my first service was $308

    $31 for the oil filter
    $40 for the oil
    $80 to change the oil and filter
    $157 to polish the buell logo, stamp the log book and for drinks for the boys
  4. Varied hourly rates for labor and varied markup on OEM parts would be the biggest two I assume. I doubt there would be large and consistent differences in time taken for various tasks. You'd see differences where an apprentice or newb is doing something vs the most experienced person however this is more of a random thing.

    BikeBiz is expensive however many find them convenient, being close to the train station. Also they're generally pretty good.
  5. Why not go to BikeBiz goz? I've googled BikeBiz rep, and noone had seemed to post anything negative about them at all.

    lol slickncghia. That's a diamond 1st service you got hey.

    zeddicus. I assume you have/had your bike serviced by Bikebiz? Your location seems convenient enough.

    I surely hope $220 is justified by more than just checking fluid levels. I have a well paid job so maintaining the Aprilia is not the issue. Just sounded like a bit of a rort thats all.
  6. The price. First service on a hyo was the wrong side of $300.
  7. In hoping their higher prices equate to a great service. Only one way to find out. Will check back with my experience.