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My 1st road trip - yikes!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by maplegum, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Oh my. How did I agree to that? Seems to have taken on a life of it's own now.

    My husbands bike, his Buell, is due for a service. The service centre is 3 hours away in Horsham! I'm sure there is somewhere closer, but hubby tells me that this is the one to go to! They actually offer us overnight accomodation for free. Next thing I know, I have decided that if we are going away for one night, we may as well make a long weekend of it. The town where the bike is being serviced does not have much to offer so we won't stick around for long.

    On the way back, we will stay in Halls Gap. Breath taking in it's beauty and there should be excellent riding there too! I booked us into a little romantic cottage with open grasslands and surrounding mountains. Aghhhh, sounds 'perfect'. We will stay in the cottage for 2 nights. The trip from the service centre to Halls Gap is about 1 hour or so.

    I am so excited about this trip. I hope that with my limited experience I have not bitten off more than I can chew. I have my windscreen on it's way and hubby bought me a lovely piece of sheepskin to cover my seat. He also informs me that he has just bought both of us an Airhawk seat!

    We are leaving on Friday 3rd December. Luckily Ivan's bike has lots of luggage which needs to be fitted, but I'm sure it will do. Ivan has attached a tank bag to the back of my seat and it fits perfectly so now I feel like a real road tripper!

    There will be a ton of photos and hopefully i won't bore you guys silly with my travel stories. I know my little bike is up for it, but am I? Please send some 'good weather' vibes my way too. I'm not set up for wet weather riding!

  2. Regardless of the weather it sounds like you're in for a treat.

    From someone with family commitments that prevent me from even taking a weekend trip at the moment, the experiences of others, such as yourself are all that I have. So don't be shy about posting any and all details (relating to riding) about your trip including prep, on the road and thoughts/advice following.
  3. I hope an interesting route is planned (ie. other than the mind-numbing Western Highway).
  4. And so your helpful alternate suggestion would be...?

    (Hope you have a great ride - the more curves you can find, the better! Stop and stretch often, keep your fluids up and take it easy and I'm sure you'll have a great time!)
  5. Yeah titus, any suggestions would be so helpful.

    I live in the mountains so every ride I do has twists and turns. Sometimes it's actually nice to go straight for a bit! LOL.
  6. Best advise is to ride at your pace and not his. He can wait up the road a bit.
    Make it fun for you. So ride at your pace and mental stamina. (distance)
    Riding on road you don't know can be great.
    Stay wide in the corners till you can see through them. Keep your eyes on the sides of roads for wildlife. Try and train your periphial vision to do this. Keep hydrated. If you start getting a brain ache a good chance your dehydrated. If it's a hot day get a camel back and freeze it a day or two before. And start drinking lots of water a day or three before you ride.
    Stuff your pocket with lollies. I like red frogs. Spare sunnies. A couple of garbage bags and some gaff tape.
  7. Don't worry, you're not missing anything.

    Argh, not that easy west of Ballarat, without going way out of the way...
    How about Creswick, Waubra, Avoca, Moonambel, Stawell? Not much twisties but at least it will be quieter.
    Way back, take the Northern Grampians Road through Wartook to Halls Gap. Brilliant road but for heavens sake don't overcook it there.
  8. Something like below perhaps


    Have fun.
  9. Thanks so much for putting that together. It adds about one hour to the trip, but whats the hurry right?
    I'll show the husband tonight, beats the boring highway.
  10. Yeah, agreed - I'd do that in an instant over the straight road!
  11. Sounds like an awesome trip maplegum.