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My 1st near miss...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Not what i was expecting ( guess thats how it happens lol)

    Riding out in Bendigo today with my OH...down the main drag and out of nowhere this PEDESTRIAN starts running out into the road, he crosses 3 lanes of traffic zig zagging along, I was in the far left lane and so had nowhere to go and a car up my arse ..I glanced at him thinking " well he must have seen me he will stand there and wait until im pass so he can dodge the car behind me and cross" But then i quickly realised he wasnt running a full unit, I think he suffered down's syndrome , he had that look about him,he looked terrified, like he couldnt understand how he came to be standing in the middle of the road trying to dodge cars....
    I did think to myself " shit if he jumps into my way its him or a car up my arse, what one do i want to wear ? "
    He was very erratic jumping from side to side, i had NFI what way he was guna go...All this happened in the space of a few seconds, he had cars passing behind him and there was only my lane of traffic standing in his way of the footpath ....He took a wild leap out in front of me ...Took 2 years off my bloody life he did lol...Lucky I had slowed enough that when he did i was able to avoid him ,JUST!
    Jesus up until now id only been worried about other cars, roos , dogs and sheep... didnt think a pedestrian would jump out into my path....
  2. I think the list of what to look out for just goes on and on. You did really well to avoid him. Well done!!!!
  3. Hmmm I must admit that a rouge pedestrian is one thing I haven't dealt with yet.

    I know a bloke who bowled an old lady over. Was 70% his fault (was speeding) 30% the old ducks fault..... J walking across a highway, not using the lights.

  4. Gees what the hell you been through, I only had someone stand still on the middle of the road, not jumping like That 8-[ I be scram ta he'll out of me.
    Thanks for sharing that experience.
  5. More than once driving back from night shift, back in the day, I've had to avoid drug f***ed lunatics on Chapel St who seem to like fly kicking passing vehicles. This happened so regularly I could actually say to people "I'll give you a lift home and show you."

    I also had one near my parents place where I was driving along with Dad and a crazy haired woman wandered into the road without looking. I gave a gentle honk to let her know and she went all wolverine on me and started trying to attack the van. :shock:

    AND... the closest call was where all the brake lights in front of me suddenly came on amidst billowing tyre smoke and screeching rubber. An elderly person had wandered out into the middle of the road wearing an open hospital gown. I was about to jump out and run up to help but the guy in front beat me and he happened to be an off duty guy in uniform.

    People are so unpredictable sometimes.
  6. lol at the escapee going wolverine on u fekkinell....
    Its a little distressing when u have no way of predicting what someone will do and you know you are left with very limited options yourself.... Definately keeping a close eye on the bloody peds from now on tho ;)
  7. I know how you feel, and you can't help but think the law almost encourages them to do it, too.
    Come and spend some time around Fitzroy and Collingwood and you'll get pretty good at dodging whacked out stumbling idiots. The funniest one lately was the clubber who star-jumped into the road right in front of me (thank you, Brembo!) and then leaned over the bars and bawled into my helmet, "Have ya got a smoke?!"