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My 1st custom Decal attempt.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Irideabike, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. YAY

  2. NAY

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  3. Need some more practice!!

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  1. Just want to get some opinions from you guys whether my vinyl job is a YAY or NAY ? (Albeit not a massive job) :D ... Pretty fun working with the vinyl considering you can do what ever you want with it!! - dont mind the dodgey colour in the photos, used my phone!


    PS : I know you all want my HYO now! :p
  2. yay

    add a pole
  3. Hi, I'm Wladislaw and I'll be your Pole for today.... :LOL:
  4. nay!not sure what you did, but I hope your not counting the dark strips.

    at the end of the day as long as your happy
  5. If you want a challenge have a look at original pin stripes for z900 models 73-76.The only ones i can find are like $100.00 plus.If you get them right as well as the coulors you might just make some bucks :wink:
  6. simple and nice.
  7. Nice nice

    Where did you purchase the vinyl from?
  8. what is it that you've done ?
  9. +1
    + it's hyodung will still be crap :p
  10. Got the vinyl from my local signage store, the guy inside just gave me some big scrap cut outs for nothing so worked out pretty well.

    Well the bike is completely yellow usually so where-ever you see black that is a vinyl cut-out i made, including those little strips on the vent.

    AND yes its a hyo and it looks better than all the other 250's out there.. so go suck a lemon hyo hater! :p
  11. should of covered all the yellow area in black vinyl...would improve it hugely.....not because it would hide the hyno, but to hide that horrorable yellow colour......

    i hate yellow :p

    btw looks ok too :wink:
  12. looks pretty good, i got a 2005 Hyo, Silver. Its got a Carbon Fibre pipe, so i thought i would get around to doing some fake carbon decal work sometime, the vinyl should get here wensday.
    Ill post some before and afters when its done.
  13. awesome job on getting handy with your graphics, guys
    keep at it!

    i've just started a new career in the desktop publishing/printing industry. i work with some very, very trick mechanised vinyl cutting machines.
    if it weren't for me already loving the graphics on my 06 rs125 i'd be right behind you
  14. i have a vynil plotter/cutter, so you wont pull the wool over my eyes sunshine :p
    they look to be cut nice and shit, but c'mon, some creativity please! :grin:
  15. Joel, having your own vinyl cutter, have you ever dabbled with some vinyls on your Honda? pics!
  16. [​IMG]
    "honda", "hurricane", the stripes and "supersports" on the old girl.
    dont have many more pics, can find some though :)
  17. v. cool :)
  18. nicely done... what tools did you use i was a bit slack and just had scissors and ruler, found it bloody hard to get the symmetry on the other side too!