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My 1st Bike - Ninja 250r

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by kazinga, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Bought my first ever motorbike a couple months ago, a 2011 250r.
    The bike was 5 months old when I purchased it from a man who had dropped it once and decided to give up on road riding.

    Here's the bike on the day I got it home.


    Wasn't much damage, some not too noticeable scratches on the fairings, exhaust, bent rear brake lever - usual stuff.

    As much as I love the bike, I don't plan to do too much to it, choosing to instead save the cash and effort for my next 'off restrictions' bike ;-)

    That being said I have done a few things since I've had it.....

    First mod to was to fit adjustable levers to accommodate my little hands.


    Seeing as the standard exhaust got scratched when the previous owner dropped the bike, I decided to fit a cheap slip on. I also felt it might be a bit safer if the surrounding traffic can hear me. I know it's only a 250 and sounds a bit farty, but if people hear it and don't run me over, that's a good thing.


    Next we get into some ricey bling. What can I say, I just can't help myself!
    So I peeled off the original rim stickers and fit some thicker, reflective ones.



    And a seat cowl. Why not, I'm on my L's so can't take passengers anyhow.


    So that's it for now. Thanks for reading :)
  2. Congrats and welcome! A great choice and I see someone else in your family has some taste in motorcycles as well!

    The baby ninjas are fantastic. I had one as my first bike as well. Enjoy the hell out of it :)
  3. Great looking bike. Cowl is a definite improvement, all the best.
  4. Awesome looking bike - Congrat's!
  5. Well done nice bike
  6. great looking first bike... i looked at the painted toe nails and went ummmmmm this better be a chick lol.. then i seen ur profile ....
  7. Noice! Loud pipes rock.

    Did you get the rim tape from fleabay?
  8. Ah yes, I had a feeling that would not slip by unnoticed! Actually that bike is partially the reason I made mine louder. Even with my little fart cannon fitted, one night I pulled up at the traffic lights along side the ducati and found that I could barely hear my bike next to it. The result was when I took off I surprised myself with alot more throttle than expected! Was quite funny and made the Duc owner laugh. All I could think was geez I hope he doesn't think I was trying to race..:-w hehe

    I sure did, and the cowl and the levers! Good old fleabay.
  9. Nice bike mate, looking to pick one up soon too.

    How much was the seller asking?
  10. nice looking bike!
  11. Looks nice. Nice nail polish too. Are you going to come to the learner sessions?
  12. Thanks. Are you referring to the seller of the rim stickers? If so about $20.

    I have been to one learner session but unfortunately lately I've either been working on the saturday or had some other thing to go to. Can't wait to come along to a saturday session soon.
  13. Great little bike for a first timer.
    Had a loan of one while I was in between bikes,,,gangs of fun.
    (Might have to pick one up myself!!)
  14. Ninjas are a great first bike! Good idea getting the exhaust done even if you dont plan on keeping the bike for long... There is a noticable difference of how many car drivers look at you even when you just ride past hey?
  15. sweet ride!
  16. Yes it does make a fair difference. If it helps prevent being knocked off, I'm all for it! I do need to get it tuned though, as it's not too healthy once you get to about 9500rpm.

    Thanks! :)
  17. Girl on netrider alert!!
  18. hey kazinga, love the bike it looks awesome and the mods are tidying. my gf loves it, your are her inspiration for getting a ninja haha. thanks again, and love the bike
  19. Hello, and thanks! I bet your gf will really enjoy riding a ninja. Look forward to seeing some pics when she gets it, be sure to post some up. :)
  20. nice first bike and welcome :)