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My 1st Bike, My little Shadow...

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  1. Force Unknow submitted a new Showcase Item:

    My 1st Bike, My little Shadow...

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  2. I always thought the shadow was a Honda cruiser type bike?
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  3. Yea that name has been stuck in my head for so long... kinda decided to call my bike that :v and also becoz it follows me pretty much everywhere :p
  4. nice looking bike
  5. The GS500F is a good uncomplicated learner bike, well done.
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  6. Thanks Jeffo :joyful:
  7. Today while doing 80 Kmph I felt the bike struggle for the first time... pulled up feeling this lurch... turned out to be a simple matter of turning the petcock to reserve :facepalm: 328Km to reserve any idea what that means in terms of a kmpl figure anyone?
  8. I guess after that you would head to the servo, fill it up and take note of the litres, if you put 10L in that's near on 33 k/L.
    Assuming you filled it up B4 you went to reserve of course.
    I'd be lucky to get half that!
  9. If the tank was full at the start of the count, you would have used about 16 litres out of the 20 litre tank. I used to reset the trip meter and fill up by about 350km. It also means that if you do not reset your petcock, next time you will be in trouble.
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  10. Thanks mate.. Yea true about the petcock.. dint know wat the 'pri' was till I read up on GStwins... Now I reset odo and turn petcock after refilling while on center stand.
  11. The manual is pretty good on some of that stuff. You got one? If not, I think I found a PDF and could send it to you if I can find it.
  12. I usually get 300-330 km from a full tank before switching to reserve, with another 30-50km up my sleeve.
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