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My 1992 Honda VFR400 (NC30), Finally!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Zee84, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I finally got my 1992 Honda VFR400 (NC30) yesterday. It was well worth the wait. Took it around for a couple of spins and it was awesome! Handling is just amazing and I know why they say it could beat a 600cc in the corners!



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  2. Great livery!
  3. I love the look of those bikes, is it hard to find a good example these days?
  4. nope, theres 3 for sale here,
    you just pay throught the nose for them
  5. I think you may be mistaking the VFR for the RVF.

    And that's one of the prettiest VFR's I've seen for a while. I personally like the origional better than the Tyaga (spelling?) tarted up versions. Very nice. Enjoy it.
  6. and that's one cool numberplate too
  7. Haha, thanks Hornet. Didn't think anyone would notice them!
  8. Thanks Roarin, and yes, I love the original fairings too. The Tyga fairings just don't look good on the VFR.
  9. I spend as much time looking at the surroundings of pictures as I do looking at their subjects; don't you dare post up a picture of a messy garage :LOL:.
  10. damn... my memory fails me.
    still stand by my statment,
    many are raced, but those that are registered pull in big $$$$ as they are sold with the moniker of "fastest lams bike" making importing japanese ones viable.

    shame as i would really love to own one (as i cant afford an rc30) but for the price i just cant justify it. specially as the onlt one i could afford atm is an ex-race bike