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My 1982 Suzuki GS1100G ...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by duncan_bayne, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. She's yet to be named ... but she has so much character she's crying out for one. I picked her up on Friday and she's in great form - lots of torque, incredibly comfortable, nice sound and very relaxed to ride on the motorway compared to my Mito 125 (which I'm keeping as a track bike).

    She's largely stock. Modifications are limited to an aftermarket muffler (on what I think is an original exhaust system); the muffler has been polished and the exhaust coated satin black. There's a pack rack, fluffy seat cover (very welcome on hot days), aftermarket bars (the cause of some discomfort from the clutch cable not routing properly), and that's about it.

    Soon to come: custom (possibly teflon-coated) clutch cable, 139dB scroll air-horn, heated handgrips (before winter).






    (Or maybe she's a 1980? The guy selling her said 1980, but the paperwork says 1982. The paperwork also says she's a GS1100GK, though, which is obviously untrue now that I know what a GK is).
  2. Love the bike but why are they parked in a disabled spot?
  3. Definetly looks like the 82 mod 1100G.
  4. It's no longer a disabled park - management repurposed it as a motorcycle park but the sign is still up. Should really take it down, looks quite bad.
  5. Very nice, god I love old bikes in good nick.
    +1 on the disabled spot lol, if they can't be bothered getting it done then all you need is a good saw and a bit of paint stripper...
  6. w00000000000t! inspired by Romesy! :)

    Good work.
    Thats not a stock exhaust. The stock exhaust has 2 mufflers, either side of the bike. You got a 4 to 1....Nice.

    We should go for a ride when im done :)
  7. Indeed, Romesy played a significant part in my falling in love with this GS when I saw her on eBay.

    Let me know when you're up and running, happy to go for a ride :)
  8. he's not far off :)
  9. So the GS is back at Mototecnic :( Turns out the previous owner bodged up leaky gaskets with sealant ... which I, umm, unsealed after revving her out to get ahead of a chap in a sporty Audi. So in addition to the clutch cable on order they've ordered a full gasket set, & will be replacing the lot in one go.

    Good news is the engine seems pretty healthy, all the oil that came out was a nice golden colour :)
  10. all the joys of a big old 1100 without the filthy back wheel; what's not to like?

    As I recall the G had quite high bars as standard, I'm not surprised that a previous owner fitted a lower set

    And, yes, originally the big Zooks had 4-into-2 exhausts, which were a tad prone to rust, (as were most Japanese exhaust systems of the day).
  11. The issue with the bars currently fitted is that they're quite wide; this leads to an odd 'elbows out' posture that's not the most comfortable when combined with the heavy controls.

    I'm thinking of fitting some different bars at some point, but that'll have to wait until after the 139dB horn, and after the credit card has stopped smoking.

    Funny you should mention rust. James recommended that I get the exhaust system coated to prevent rust & maximise life ... just so happens that it looks beautiful in satin black too :)

    Edited to add: it's nice riding a bike that is okay with maintaining a constant speed ... the Mito, bless her two-stroke heart, is pretty much only happy when accelerating or braking hard ...
  12. even in this day of custom-moulded two-piece handlebars, you should still have plenty of choice in traditional steel bars.... On my XS-650 I fitted a set very like the standard bars on the R90S BMW; quite narrow, low, and very little 'sweep-back'; made the bike very comfortable on long rides
  13. So, nearly back on the road (perhaps I should have omitted the comma?).

    The new clutch cable has arrived and been fitted. We're still waiting on the OEM supplier to provide a head gasket set, so I've sent out an enquiry through FindAPart (great service that) to see if I can get a set more quickly.

    Hopefully she'll be sorted out soon ...
  14. It took a grand total of ten minutes to find an aftermarket gasket set via FindAPart, & the supplier promises it'll be shipped to Mototecnic by the end of the week.

    Itching to be back on the road ...
  15. So the engine has been torn down - she's in pretty good condition but I'm taking the opportunity to have the following done:

    • new gaskets (the original reason for the tear-down)
    • new rings (still hunting some down ... apparently Suzuki don't make them any more)
    • new carb needles (she's flooding when stationary, leading to fuel in the oil)
    • new fuel tap (ditto)
    • new cam-chain & guides
    • new valve springs
    • timing & valve clearances adjusted
    • bores re-honed
    • rotate a gear thingy in the clutch so it operates on the un-worn sprockets (should lighten the clutch up even further)
    • many damaged threads & incorrect bolt fitments corrected
  16. Good work.
    You dont needles. The needles in the carbs are adjustable, also, flooding and needles have nothing to do with each other. There are Float's which you will need to adjust. 22.4mm from the bottom of the carb body with the bowl off (no gasket). That will fix your flood issue. Might also need to replace the spring on the float.

    I spent 2 months tuning my carbs and have it down to an art now. Happy to help.

    Fuel tap can be purchaed at Z1 enterprises, i got mine there, infact, most stuff they have.
    Let me know if u need a hand.
  17. nice n comfy lookin bike
  18. Thanks for the tips - I've emailed the Z1 folks. So far, the best I've managed locally is a company who can get some aftermarket rings in a month or so.
  19. Here's another tip.

    Head over the


    You will find a wealth of info. They will tell u what u need, where to get it, and how much it will cost. Some guys will even send u stuff for free. I've managed to get a swag of goodies from members there that they didnt want. Most of em have like 5 gs's sitting in their yard.