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My 1980 GS 1000s

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Turrawan, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. I've finally changed my mood to cheerful. All the parts have arrived from all over the globe to restore my baby back to it's former glory.
    It took some time but it WILL be worth the wait.
    I'm giving it to a jap bike fanatic Lindsay Donai on the coast to do. Man he has the best biker man's shed. All the equipment. I think he used to run a shop in Cairns & then in Helensvale but now works out of his shed at home. I've mentioned it before on NR he still races sidecars at 62 yo & his misses is his monkey.
    His passion is amazing. When I first took the bike there his eyes lit up. Any jap bike particularly the classics pumps his blood.

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  2. Yes please, the GS1000S was THE prettiest Japanese bike when it came out, and arguably still is...
  3. It is sitting in Lindsay workshop & bugger he's gone on holidaze. Just my luck.
    Anyways hopefully. BTW mine's a red one. It goes faster.
  4. Samboss & Hornett Dropped the parts off Friday but my bike is way down the back of his shed so no pics atm. I asked Lindsay when I retire can I come work for him for nothing. He says he gets asked that all the time. Apart from the copious number of bikes in the shed he's working on a Honda 750 4. The owner wants a bit of grunt so he can match it with his mates on modern bikes. Strengthened conrods, beefed up cam, tricked racing carbies.
    Just a quick look around is like being a kid in a lolly shop.
    Her's a couple of pics of his shed. Oh and of the Guinness I had at the Fox & Hound on the way home. YUM YUM

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  5. He has a red CBX?? What does he want for it?
  6. It will be a customers