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My 18yo + my car = write off :(

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by speed, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. My sons work truck was overheating, his car had a flat battery, so he asked if he could use my car this morning. Usually I dont let him and now I know why............

    http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k244/speed62/my car/

    He lost control of it in the wet conditions near Foster, hit two other oncoming cars, wrote mine and one other off! They are all OK, just whiplash and a sore leg. Could always be worse. And yes, I am fully insured. No, he's not using my bike ( he just got his bike Ls)

  2. Oh well, at least you don't own a VP commodore anymore, time to buy something decent! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. woops thats no good

    i dont think that'll buff out :shock:
  4. respect to the vp's.
    looks like he was lucky.
    Did you wanna attack his car with a baseball bat or are you the easy forgiving type.
  5. I know a guy who can bog that right up for you to sell it :grin:

    Good that he's OK :wink:

    Typhoons right too, now you can get a CAR not a crumbledoor.
  6. Fix it? Nah, rather not. The prospect of getting a different car is rather appealing. Fraid it might be another crumpledoor tho, they've been good to me, not like the ones found on the rubbish dump! :wink:
  7. :LOL: haven't heard that since school days!

    Make sure the new one doesn't have any Holes, Oil Leaks, Dents or Engine Noises

    :p :LOL:
  8. I think it looks good with the bumper that low.

    Glad all are ok.
  9. wordoops.

    Does this mean CJ is carrying the feed and water to the horses for you? outtahere.

    So glad he is in one piece the littleangel.
  10. Thats the second best commode Ive ever seen :p
    So hows he going to get around now that youve taken possession of his vehicle? :grin:
  11. sorry to hear about that speed.... just got a call from him.. hope he is okay...
  12. I wanna know if the CD player still works (I know you'd have one)
    mines carked it, I've been meaning to get a newie for a while now..... :wink:

    Gee wizz Speed, just when I thought I was having it tough with my recent bike issues I read this and realise my dramas aren't all that bad after all.

    Glad to hear that all got away with only minor injuries, by the looks of it he is a very lucky boy.
  13. Of all the dumb things I did when I was young, the one thing I'm glad I never did was crash someone else's car; I bet he is mucho embarrassed :oops: :LOL:.
  14. ford.

    stick with Holden :)
  15. :LOL: ^ Haven't seen that one before. Its good. But I'm not too fussed, after all its only a car. I just want it to start and run when I need it! :grin: Thanks all for well wishes. Yes he was lucky, and absolutely OK. He (in his words) 'sudsy'd (sp?) it last night (got on the booze) with his mates and they are all draped around the house snoring away! :roll:
  16. Have you tried starting it? j/k :p
    Glad he's o.k. and you didn't kill him!

  17. [​IMG]

    They circled the problem too ;)

    Go euro :grin:

    PS. Glad to hear your boys ok... nothing beats experience on the road, esp in the wet.... you should see the angles i can get to on that van now :oops: :LOL:
  18. Wow sure glad everyone pulled out of that one relatively unscathed.

    Heidi... it's time to go shopping. :dance:
  19. Tme to get him some anti-skid training/defensive driving classes!
  20. Glad he is okay. Kinda reminds me of when I wrote off my mum's car.