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my 18 year old cousin is terminally ill

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. hey fellow netriders, my 18 year old american cousin has leukemia and im putting a photo montage of the past two weeks in the states with him and his family together and would like to put some background music to it , he really likes country and hip hop { yes i know it sucks but what do u do} and would love some suggestions of some insperational songs etc that are not Eye of tiger stuff any help would be great

  2. sorry to hear that stanga, thats very sad

    i know you said your cousin is in america but the song i always listen to, to inspire me is True Blue, John Williamson
  3. yeah i know true blue is a great song , but i think it would be lost on RC .He likes a type of music that im not really a fan of so im stumped
  4. 20-odd pages worth, but there might be some ideas here
  5. if only i could help with the music i would. leukimia is a right bastard. be strong and be strong for him.miracles have happend before with these things so never give up. my family and friends got me though a brain tumour more than the doctors, medicine and machines. i will ask around the office to se if anyone has any ideas.
    my thoughts are with you and you family.
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    For a country song that might be appropriate, try Garth Brooks' "The River"

    EDIT: Listen to it 8T3sHPZrj_4[/media]]here
  7. the river is a really good song cheers, Steve Salisbury from SEN 1116 who co hosts a show on american sports is trying to get some of the local football{nfl} and basketball stars to visit so that is great news,. people have been so supportive of him he really gets down and angry so anything that lifts his chin up is so good

    thank you for the kind words and thoughts oldbellhelmet much appreciated
  8. country and hip hop

    i can only think of one man that fits that

    Kid Rock
  9. because of his ex-wife ?.
  10. Don't know any Hip Hop, and don't normally listen to Country but I think Lucinda Williams - World Without Tears would have a couple of suitable tracks.

    Sorry about your cousin

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  13. a suggestion:

    Radney Foster-

    'Everyday Angel'

  14. crossroads- bone thug n harmony
  15. thanks to all who made great suggestions, its hard to find exactly the right song in this case as u dont want a down song or something to up beat either , the wife has put a song on the montage , i think its by arrested development( 90's hip hop for those who dont remember them) and it fits pretty good, once its finalized i will post a link so u can check it out and also leave messages of support for RC , even tho u dont know him it has shown that all messages of hope really lift his spirits , u can once the link is up keep a track on his progress if u so desire. Thanks a bunch once again Netriders
  16. i will be sure to check in..
  17. thanks im sure he would love to know that there are people on the other side of the globe thinking of him
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    i still laugh when i here that song , he hates vegimte tho hes more into peanut butter and jelly(jam) sambo's
  19. if you cuold buy him ajar of smuckers from me somehow that would be great.
  20. You can get Smuckers from South Melbourne Markets ;)