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My 125 beat a Harley!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by starlet, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. ahahahahahaha

  2. he prob didnt try :wink:
  3. yeh i'd have to agree... I tried that once while already rolling and lost miserably on the 2 fiddy... not sure what would happen off the line... im sure the corners would be a different story :)
  4. Youre dreaming!
  5. It seemed like I beat him, it looked like he was trying pretty hard. Once I hit 80Kms he starting pulling away but I did have him up until then......I was happy anyway [-(
  6. A bloke in a Honda Civic once beat me in my RX3 too. :LOL:
  7. whatever floats your boat! :LOL:
    how fast do them lil' 125's go? (i know you would have only done 80 yourself ;) )
  8. I've had it to 110km/h - don't think it could do much more unless it had an after market exhaust :)
  9. Big 1500cc+ vtwin vs 125cc single cyl? Cruisers often molest hardcore off the line with the mountains of torque they have. Wouldn't have been trying, at all.
  10. I like the use of hardcore language..molest off the line :LOL:
  11. I'll chop you both when I'm on my CBR600rr :cheeky:

  12. Starlet wrote:
    "My 125 beat a Harley"

    You're dreamin... :LOL:
  13. :LOL: it's called ladies first...
  14. HEY! HAHA it was a compliment...

    Hows this...I'll chop you on the argh argh. oooh :LOL:
  15. i had my gpx at the lights with my mate in his wrx. i had him for the first 30-40m untill he hit second with that woosh of turbo than he took off like a bat out of hell :LOL: :LOL:

    i had him beat with my fz1 :wink:

    as for beating the harley with ure 2fiddy.......i think ure dreaming
  16. make that a 125
  17. Pfft, you could chop me with your 125 :p Or haven't you heard, I'm phizog! :wink:
  18. :LOL: Well done, Starlet :LOL:
    He probably saw you and thought you looked so darn cute that he wanted to see you give it a bit.... Grrrr! :wink: It's still a compliment :)
  19. And I thought a CBR125 would be flat out trying to beat a Postie on a bad day!! :LOL:
  20. yeah only if it was a harley fully dressed and towing a trailer with a relaxed rider in control....you're dreaming.