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My 12 Months is up...But still no pics!!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by sLowBrian, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. God I'm Slack! Still No Pics! But I keep promising them! Anywhoo.... my 12 months was up on Xmas Eve and I took my lovely bride Gayleen with me for Brekky at Pottsville. The idea was to go further for the day but work interrupted and we had to call it short.
    But today was different, 253K's on a run out to Boonah via Beaudesert and back to the Goldie via Ipswich. What a buzz! We had such a grand time cruising the country roads and takin' in the scenery.
    The Scala TeamSet we shouted ourselves for xmas work a treat too! Can honestly recommend them for anyone who wants helmet-to-helmet comms.... Can't wait for Monday.... headin' out again!

    WOO HOOOOOOO!! :beer:

    Oh... and a big :birthday: to my bride, Gayleen.....


  2. Ktulu knows where you live :evil:

    Seriously sounds like a great day, and more to come, enjoy!

    Might be a good idea to write up a detailed user-report on the comms stuff too, would answer lots of questions for lots of folks.
  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Post is 2 minutes old and I get a reply!!! Now I believe the stuff that's written in your sig line Paul!!! :shock:

    Seriously, I will write up a report on the Scala gear, just need to use them a little more to get a real idea on how good they are.

    Thanks for your quick reply and have a good day mate!