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My 10sec of fame

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kingy, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. QLD flood releif ride


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  2. Are you the one on the right that looks your not part of the group and wants to feel like you are?
  3. thats not very nice..
  4. It was in jest.
  5. LOL LOL LOL Yep thats me

    the lady from the paper did a quick shot so i had to do a dive in lol
  6. Great serial killer look buddy =D>=D>, congrats.
  7. sure fooled me ;)
  8. Welcome to the internet, you're going to love it here

  9. HAHA He dose look familiar , on a completely different subject whens Australia's most wanted on? 8-[
  10. ... Well I'm going to be nice to Kingy... and say good job mate =D>

    ... One of these people is not like the other ones... Can you tell which one??....
  11. lol lol doesnt bother me man.. i reckon that photo is classic... i look like the biggest tool and i dont care lol... cheers guys
  12. Great job Kingy. (y)
  13. ...It was for a good cause tho!!... (y)
  14. We are just jealous we didnt get our mug on the paper.
  15. was a great day out i think we got 106 bikes... we only allowed for 50 so we got a big shock on the day
  16. Photobomb!


    But well done anyway!
  17. Wow!!... do you have any pics of all the bikes?
  18. yep I only have a few and this pics are just the start meeting point out at ipswitch promotorcycles.. i have more from the finish stop but i cant up load from fb anymore... i will look into it
  19. ..What a great turn out!.... thanks for the pics!.. looked like a fab day :grin: