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My 1/2 HART day

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mrkotter, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Well seeing there isn't a lot of info about these HART courses I thought I would post my experience of the handling dynamics course I did this morning at HART at St Ives.

    Well I sat my alarm for the wrong day and that meant a 'spirited' ride down the F3 early on (I was going to get up early and have some brekky on the way) and I got to HART on time.

    First off the instructor (Marty) got us to ride the track and get used to it. Then we did some quick stop practices at higher speeds, up to 80kmh (which is useful because the RTA one @ 25kmh for your p's is a joke). Then the instructor (Marty) set up a counter steering exercise (aka cone weave) and showed us how what lines to take around the track. So we went around that for a while while Marty sat behind each one of us and gave us pointers that made us go faster - weight transfer, counter steer etc.

    At this stage the group of six kinda split into two groups, the faster and the slower. It worked out well as no one felt left out. There were newly licensed riders (like me) learning to go faster and returning riders getting their confidence back.

    After that Marty got us to do this exercise where midway through corner we would have to sit the bike up and brake. Like if we were going around a corner and then we would have to stop. I wasn't too good at this and I need more practice!

    Finally we did some low speed maneouvering u-turns how slow can you go sort of thing. Marty could move that cb1300 around like it was a postie bike. I was good at this stuff (as I actually do u-turns day to day). I learnt my first stunt today - getting the bike stationary while I keep my feet off the ground!

    It was a good course, all the techniques I already new about but it was putting them all together that was useful where I wasn't before. Then practising it on a track were you did a lot of laps so you get it right and having some feedback. Marty if you read this, you did an excellent job today.

    I went the long way home, I did the old pacific highway 3x and went via Wollombi back into Newcastle (so about 5mins on the F3 on the way home!) and I felt immediately faster and way more comfortable especially on the slower corners.

    Well worth the ~$135.
  2. I did this course May 2007. It was a great course. I wouldn't mind doing it again. It is a great track around HART. I agree that emergency braking from 80km/hr is more realistic.
  3. Great post, Good idea !!
  4. What course is this? Intermediate or advanced? I'm looking to do one when I get back from overseas. Alot of people that have done the course highly recommended for every one to do it at a stage of their riding.

    e-braking from 60km is quite fun when the rear is just about to lock up....
  5. It has the handling dynamics 1/2 day. NR won't let me post links so pm if you want the link

    At this stage for me as a pretty new provisional rider it was the best course for me. A half day of learning and practising then I spent the other half on the old pacific highway and I went via Wollombi back into Newcastle on the way home (so about 5mins on the F3). So roughly it was a 400km day.

    I will do some form of advanced rider training later on, on my upgrade bike I may do the superbike school instead of the advanced levels at HART.
  6. I'm booked for this course on 14 December. Looks as though I will have to hire a bike from them as I had an accident nearly 4 weeks ago and am still waiting for resolution (wasnt my fault). I really wanted to use my own bike (for obvious reasons) but I have already postponed it once so I am not prepared to postpone again. Glad it was good (and I was/am really looking forward to it). I'm hopeful that may have my bike back then.....