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My '09 Sprint ST

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by 0gg1e, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. When I first looked into riding, a friend of mine had a Daytona. He fired it up one evening and I immediately fell in love with the sound of the 3 cylinders.

    The aggressive riding position and seat didn't really suit my 6'2" frame. I've always liked jetting off by myself on holidays and loved reading Jupiter's Travels and the idea of touring around on a bike always suited me.

    So when I came across these Sports-Touring machines, I looked into what was on offer and pretty much had my heart set on a Sprint from the get go.

    2 years later, I've finally got myself one and get to listen to those cylinders everyday.

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  2. Nice bike mate.
    I have a friend who used to have one of those. Scraped the fairings on corners lol.
  3. Yep, I was SO tempted by one of those. Theyre nice and light for a sports tourer, and town riding is a breeze.

    .....but seeing the prices of some genuine triumph parts was a little bit worrying and the aftermarket was smaller compared to the japs. So I stuck with jap.

    Though I have to say, that 3 cylinder engine has so much character.
  4. Nice work. I just did over 3,000km Sydney-Melbourne-Sydney ride on mine and I'm about ready to go do it again.
  5. Welcome to the club. :)

  6. Sweet Ride
  7. Congrats =D>

    Most powerful touring sport, great package so enjoy

    They still including hard luggage??
  8. Expect to see sales of the Sprint pick up even more now that Honda has dropped the ball with the new VFR. VTEC on the old 800 had already driven many of the Honda faithful into the arms of Triumph. I'm looking for that trend to continue.

  9. That's a good touring package you got there mate.
  10. I believe that the current Sprint comes with the factory panniers as standard. On the old model they were an over a grand option, iirc.
  11. Neirbo - I intend to do a similar run come the Easter school holidays.
    Toecutter - They still have the hard luggage as a factory standard. So I was amused to see some dealers offering it as a bonus as if they were doing you a favour.

    Any of you have the gel seats? Do they make that much of a difference? I'll pretty much get one when I get my tax return, that and a top box anyway.
  12. They are also hard to find, and aftermarket is pretty bare. I think theres a german made adapter for the sprint 955 which allows you to fit standard brand luggage.

    But once you bought that plus a brand name luggage set, you were well over the price of the triumph panniers
  13. nice mate ,, I was looking for one myself last year but nothing in Vic for the right price at the time . so I went with the VFR . If I can find a sprint in the future . I will join you .
  14. Nice bike mate...this is at the top of my wish list...
  15. Thanks for that.

    0gg1e, you may notice the seat on my bike in that pic is different to yours. That one I added firmer foam to and re-shaped. I also have the gel seat and wouldn't bother with it. It's not much different to stock and virtually the same shape that pushes you forward into the tank. It's ok for an hour of sport riding but it's not a touring seat IMO.

    If anything, I'd get one of the aftermarket seats or custom fit it yourself, although it's time consuming to do it yourself and experimentation means it'll likely cost you as much in the end as a Corbin anyway.

    Mainstage, I was considering contacting you but every time I think of selling the bike I can't find one that works better for me.
  16. Ogg1e, I have only the standard seat and managed to survive on that with a longest ride day of about 570km (Cooma to Dubbo, and about the same from Eden to Philip Island). I've read also that the gel seats are not really worth it, particularly as they retain heat when in the sun for a while. I'd go custom and am considering it as a future mod.

    Also I ordered too late to fit before I left, a rear hugger - I wish I'd ordered it a week earlier now. So many kms of roadworks out there, especially when you are not taking the main highway. I spent much of yesterday cleaning dirt and bitumen out from under my bike and I'm sure if I go out there now I will find more of it. Have considered sending it all back to the Victorian Government!

    This is my bike fitted with luggage for my trip: DSC03411.
  17. Thanks for the heads up on the gel seats. Ill give it a miss and look into a custom setup. The topbox is the next thing to get then.

    I've done about 650ish (Sydney - Canberra and back via some detours) in one day on my bike and the seat held up alright. I don't really want to do more than that in a day anyway as I was pretty buggered when I got home again.

    I'm looking forward to my Sydney - Melbourne via the mountains run during the coming holidays. 5 weeks to go.

    mainstage - if it weren't for the almost hypnotic power of the 3 cylinder engine, I would have seriously looked at the VFR.
  18. Ogg1e- you made the right choice for the riding your doing and that's the important thing

    Flinders_72 No what your saying .. need to find the right bike at the right price before selling the one i have .

    all ride safe
  19. Add another person with the Sprint on top of the bikes to test ride before upgrade list. A question, do the factory panniers have enough space to fit an XL helmet?

    I've got some big givi panniers on my current bike and they fit helmet, back protector and jacket in 1 pannier. Handy for beach trips (y)
  20. They've stopped production of the Sprint. The faithful believe it is because they are clearing stock for a new model, but it is not as proportionally popular elswhere as it is in Aus, so there is a risk.