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my 09 r6

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by devildougie, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. this is my new r6 a upgrade from my 2005 hyosung 250. i have only just finished running it in and loving it.

  2. Sweeeeeeet bike man - enjoy it!
  3. I like your ride, but maybe I'm a bit biased :LOL:

    Enjoy the new bike :biker:
  4. ....Insert drooling smiley....

    Nice ride man.

    Hows the feeling compared with the 250? Awesome I'd bet..
  5. Congrats on the R6, looks awesome!

    Hurry up and get a fender eliminator though, they've got such a tidy tail - it's a shame to have that chunky thing sticking off it:p

    I've really gotta stop looking at these threads, they make me feel so jealous!
  6. That is such a nice bike! Awesome colour scheme!

    Enjoy it and keep it rubber down!
  7. You know I think this is hot as! Inspired me to upgrade as well.

    Deffo need a fender elim, wonder if we can get a discount for buying two :p

    Will see you when I pick up the cibber
  8. Beautiful bike mate congrats! Happy trails!
    How's the extra 350cc treating you?
  9. Nice bike, the R6 is a great bike.

    Sick RX2/capella :D
  10. Very nice mate ;) love the R6 ... how'd you go with the insurance?
  11. loving the extra grunt insurance is 1600 for the year full comp. i dont mide the stock fender i no it is big but i think it is one of the better looking stock fenders on the 600's
  12. yeah the capella is great but looking at selling it.
  13. I wish I could get insurance that cheap :(...

    I would have paid that much for my ZZR250 which I bought for $1700....

    It wasn't worth it IMO
  14. Nahh the 05 is much better…
    Hey because I’m a nice bloke I’ll trade with ya.:rofl:
  15. Where abouts did you get it and how much did you pay OTD? Im thinking of getting one...
  16. I love anything in black and gold, and the R6 is sharp. Tis a pity about those stoopid ADRs.

  17. Now that's a head turner.....my adenalin's pumping just looking at it
  18. pretty good bikes eh, time for some mods :)