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My 09 CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by bradr, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Just thought i'd introduce you to my ride , or one of them anyway , i also have 2 Vespa's , a 66' VBC & a 250GTS , i purchased the 400 in Dec last year with 1250 k's on it , i had been thinking/looking about bikes for 12 months or so, not that i was unhappy with my 250 Vespa especially on long trips --Melbourne , Bathurst etc but i did find that when in company with bikes i was always working the Vespa pretty hard , mind you its done 70,000k's & not a sign of protest yet .
    So far i've done 6500k's on the 400 & now that i'm used to it i really love it , i gave it its 1st real boot full a couple of weeks back & boy when you get over 7000rpm it all starts to happen ,before i knew it i was doing 170kph , pretty quick for a little motor i thought ,it also is very easy to ride , corners well , is very pillion capable {have taken my wife Nowra/Wollongong return & with the exception of it not being as bouncy over the bumps you wouldn't even know about the extra weight on it}, 2 weeks ago i did a 4 day snowy in the summer ride with 8 other bikes and although they were much bigger capacity bikes than mine the 400 had absolutely no trouble keeping up even with my luggage , i guess if there was any negative about the 400 it would be the fuel economy , i guess i'm used to the Vespa @ 2.5L/100 so the Honda @ 3.8L/100 is noteably heavier , i fitted a screen which made a huge difference to wind {guess i was spoiled with the scooter screen} & also fitted a rack & 46L Givi box to put my junk in which dosen't seem to affect the bikes handling etc , but all in all i think i made a good move buying a 400 , its given me the edge i was after without going to a BIG bike , i have also just fitted one of those headlamp Skinz which was a very fiddly job but had very good result in the end .


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  2. Looking good mate, I've sent you a PM about going for a ride sometime.. and to pick your brains about what kind of screen that is
  3. You get 3.8l/100km outta that thing? Best I've ever seen is about 7 lol!
  4. Holly mackeral , what are you doing to it , are you sure you are working it out correctly ?, thats about 40mpg in the old scale ,you might be having more fun with yours than i do , my riding is steady acceleration & usually round 110-115kph max on the highway , my son has a 650 Hyo Comet & gets around the same economy that you get , but when i try to pace him its certainly obvious why he only gets that much Lol
  5. Hmm ,now if i could work out how to PM ya back i would , Sat/Sunday is better for me , txt me on 0428418171 when you're shifts line up & i'm in , as for the screen its an "F-Series" i got from MCAS at Auburn for $149 [gen Honda is bout $400 i believe ] , i had to make 2 aluminium brackets to fit it but they were real easy to do , works well even though i've got it sitting very upright . cheers Brad
  6. I weigh 105kg and 6"3 so I'm not exactly the aerodynamic rider bikes with little motors favour.

    I don't baby it either. Much herbs much of the time. See's 10,000RPM a minimum of a handful of times to and from work.
  7. online they're $167 delivered [F-Series screens]
  8. Is that from MCAS ?
  9. Your'e more adventurous than me Lol , had mine to 11,000rpm for a short distance in 6th gear , it had quite a lot more to give but i backed off cause i need my licence , have you seen the "Youtube" video's ? , type in Honda CB400 at 180kph , there is about 4 good vids with them doing genuine 180kph .
  10. Sure is, $8 delivery Aust wide..
  11. goddie , how do you like the 900 Hornet ? , that was a bike that i gave very serious thought too , i like the "Fireblade " type motor , old school but very tried/proven over the years ,like the 400 the 900 Hornet is a fairly classic style machine with modern technology i reckon & although i don't know antone who has one , i read a lot of very impressive reviews on them.
  12. They must have had a price rise since early January ?
  13. possible but over the fone and face to face usuallt different prices, you're lucky enough to get it a little cheaper.