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My 08 Zx6r (special Edition)

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Rain Man, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Havent been on the forum for a while. Just bought my new ride and will be on my full license in a month :)

    Been looking at goodies for her but I think safety gear is first and then dress her up after!


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  2. Nice one. Moar ZX6R's! That month is going to be slowwwww if you don't have a LAM's bike to ride in the mean time. I paid for my upgrade bike with 2 months to go and had my LAM's bike written off in a smidsy incident the next day. Sucked having to wait!

    Mate of mine has an 08. If you looking for a simple mod he got the exhaust tip powder coated black. Looks much better.
  3. Thanks mate, yeah it is going slow that is for sure... I am spending time, servicing and adding bits to make it more...... *shiny* in the eyes :LOL:

    I am thinking of a slip on soon anyway but thanks for the tip :)
  4. fcuk safety gear, just make it go fastr and don't crash lol
  5. I'll pass on your kind recommendation :)