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My '08 Aprilia RS 125 - Junior GP Racing Dream

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Justin Stacks, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Got my L's about a month ago and picked this up last week. Only had 220 km's on the clock as the guy who owned it previously had to sell it back to the dealership as he lost his license. I now can understand why! This bike is a beast to tame and a blast to ride!




    And new helmet! \\:D/

  2. Congrats on the bike. I hope you take into account the servicing interval of the bike when you purchase it.
  3. Love the bike! By far the best looking LAMS bike IMO. I wanted one but didn't have the guts to buy a 2 stroker, enjoy it!
  4. I love the smell of two-stroke in the morning....
  5. Definitely considered the servicing and the cost of the best fully synth oil!

    That's why I tried to buy as new as possible. You can easily find a fairly new RS125 for about $4K or 5K with about 8K+ km's on the odo, but then you have to take into account the top end rebuild which can run about $1500+, I got very luck finding one with low km's, for the price I paid!

    Having bought with only 220 km's, I will know exactly how it's ben treated, when the servicing has been done, and won't need to do the rebuild till 10K km's.

    I'm going to learn how to do the piston and the rings, so hopefully that'll reduce some of the cost.

    I was a little hesitant at first about buying a 2 smoker as well, but it's not a daily commuter for me.

    Once I started reading about the 2 strokes, I took into consideration the cons such as they're harder to learn on, more maintenance, cost of synth oil, etc., but when i weighed it up against the pro's such as being quicker than most 250's, keeping up with 600s in the twisities, the thrill of being in the power bands, awesome braking, the looks and the joy of riding an Aprilia - I decided that was what I had to have and picked one up.

    So glad I did! No regrets as I am in love with my machine!
  6. From what I've heard she'll be a ballpark of fun! I wouldn't have had regrets either :)
    Those aggressive lines, the power, the stance, I don't know anyone could resist one! And hey, in the end we don't buy motorcycles to be sensible right?
    Keep us posted on how you're going with it too
  7. I hate you Justin Stacks.
  8. just remember to ride at the FRONT of any given group so everyone can appreciate this...