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MX pants on the tarmac

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nbains228, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Hi... Just wondering what people thought about riding with MX pants on the tarmac. I have a supermoto and managed to melt some of my freeride MX pants to the headers the other day... That made me wonder how these pants would hold up if I ever hit the tarmac. I have some Alpinestars pants meant for the road which are 100% polyester just like my MX pants, but I'm still not convinced. Maybe I just need to spring for leather, but they'll be way too hot in summer. Any ideas/suggestions? Or am I just worrying about nothing??


  2. No way man, they are nylon and would melt to your skin when sliding down the road.
  3. Yeah, that's what I figured after seeing them melted to the headers. But what about my Alpinestars?? They have a 100% polyester outer lining just like my MX pants and they're specifically designed for the road!
  4. I'm not familiar with those.

    At the very least get some leather pants. You can get supermoto pants which you can move around in more easily. If you must wear an MX jersey, get a pressure suit to wear under it.

    Tarmac is tarmac though, doesnt matter what you're riding. Tracks in Australia won't let you on with the above gear even. Full leather or no ride.
  5. probably would be ok on the tarmac, the friction generated from tarmac in a slide would be similar to a dirt road. but on a sealed or asphalt road, they would melt in no time.
  6. I write tarmac every time just for you joel.
  7. Thanks for the info... I was using tarmac (track) and asphalt (roads) interchangibly before, but now I know better... With MX pants being no good on either.

    Any idea who makes the supermoto pants?? And yeah, I was planning on riding with just a pressure suit and jersey up top.

    The Alpinestars I was referring to are the Street Cargo Pants... Can't post a URL just yet (< 5 posts to my name), but they're on the Alpinestars website.
  8. Combo leather pants

    There's a few different people that make them.

    NB, With the armour/jersey combo, the road WILL find the bits that arent protected and grind your skin off. Plus, a new jersey everytime you crash is going to add up. I'd just go leather personally.
  9. Thanks for that... I stumbled across Motostrano earlier today.

    Will go for all leather.