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MX Helmet on the street?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lockie, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Contemplating picking up a motorcross helmet (been looking at some of the new Bell helmets) to wear when I'm on the supermoto... Anyone out there wear a mx helmet on the street? How does it fair at highway speeds etc?

  2. I use my chookchaser helmet on the road occasionally - generally when I'm just tootling around, rather than going for a ride.

    It'll stop you doing more than about $1.30 as if you tilt your head a little too far back, the peak will catch the wind and try and rip your head off. You'll notice the extra drag when turning your head side to side as well. Oh, and the extra wind noise (I use earplugs in both road and mx helmets).
  3. Yea figured it wouldn't be good going too fast, the sumo's not too much fun above 100 for prolonged periods and its for the commute (which is highway, but traffic-jammed highway)/round town mostly. Most the time I ride with my visor up anyway so figure it might an alright alternative, especially while its so hot at the moment.
  4. I rock an MX helmet on the street and track most of the time,
    There's the issues macca mentioned, and I find I don't have as much peripheral vision with an MX helmet but that could just be my particular helmet goggle combo (cheap googles).

    Don't find the noise or the potential for the peak to catch to be an issue for me (even at >130 on the track but thats hunched over the tank and I have my peak set as low as possible). But head checks at 80 and over are annoying have to turn my further because of the lack of peripheral and getting hit with the extra drag while doing it.
    Any negative gets offset by looking like a proper hooligan though.
    Personally I prefer mine to the my squid lid, especially in summer

    Trying someone else's for a couple of rides would probably be the best way to work if it gets to you or not