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mX get's trolled by UNSW

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. For those that don't know what mX is, it's largely a waste of good trees.

  2. Heard someone from the Student Council bring interviewed about this on radio this arvo.
  3. UNSW is tiny what the hell are they talking about? too many fat kneck beard engineers there i guess who cant handle walking more then 500 meters to class.

    go to ANU, the campus covers an area of about 5 square kilometres. I literally used to drive to class whilst living at college on campus.
    USYD also is significantly larger than UNSW.
    UNSW is 500 meters wide by about 1 kilometer long.

    Pfft monorail, UNSW is as retarded as mX for printing the story as they are for coming up with it in the first place.
  4. Just considering the main learning area of Usyd (don't consider all the fields) I would be surprised if it is bigger. From broadway to city road could only be about half the length of unsw. And I think the front face is wider than the uni is deep.

    Also, you try walking up the staircase. Its mere existence ensures the lack of fat kneck beard engineers.
  5. Yer I remember the walk from one end to another... Took us about 10 mins max?? I guess we must've wanted to get to class quicker :confused:
  6. Great, now I can't get the monorail song from the simpsons out of my head.
  7. If the src has that sort of money ie 1.2mil lying around surly they can do a lot better things with it then this. They are worse then Julia's govt by the sound of this.
  8. Wait...what? Why would they get rid of the monorail? That's the only good thing in sydney
  9. I bought a $50 bmx which got left at uni for this purpose -- no helmet needed on campus (back in the day)...
  10. What's with the neck beard hate! :cheeky:
  11. #11 Ljiljan, Jul 28, 2012
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    They don't. neither does the student union. over the last 8 months the uni has been railroading the union and all legitimate business off the campus.

  12. That sux!!!

    I go to UNSW but I am in the part time late night classes. All services are closed at that tim anyway
  13. hahaha, I have to admit I'm guilty of jumping on the motorbike if I have a class on the other side of campus!
  14. Dunno why they'd want it at a uni.

    I hear those things are awfully loud!
  15. I've not been to UNSW but when I was at ANU (Fenner, don't hate me) I enjoyed walking around because it's such a beautiful campus. So is Latrobe for that matter.

    as for the MX - you get what you pay for