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MX Chain on Road Bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Rory, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys

    I recently purchased a chain and sprockets kit online, Tsubaki Alpha XRG chain and Supersprox sprockets. When they were delivered I found that the chain supplied was specified for off-road use. It was the correct size and series, however there is also a road bike application for this series. The bike in question is a 2000 model Suzuki GSF250V (Not that it matters).

    I couldnt find anything about fitting an MX chain to a road bike online or by using the search function. I emailed the store I bought it from and they said that the off-road chain was sent to me instead of the road bike chain as it has a higher tensile strength and is therefore better. Am I going to have any issues installing the chain I have now instead of the one I was supposed to receive?

    I hope this isn't too foolish a question, but I am only new to bikes and I want to get it right!

    Edit: The off-road chain does appear to have a higher tensile strength than the road chain according to Tsubaki, 39.2KN as opposed to 35.3KN (A pretty big variation for two chains that have the exact same specifications!). But if they are almost identical, why would they be put in to two subgroups of Off-road and Super Sport?

    Thanks Guys
  2. MX chains generally aren't X or O ring if I recall correctly, that would be the only difference. As long as the pitch is correct (ie 520 pitch I assume for your bike), it will work fine, it just means you'll need to lube & clean it more often than an X/O ring chain.

    That said, checking the Tsubaki website indicates that the XRG Alpha is a sealed type chain & from the Supersport range, so you should be fine :)
  3. Thanks for the reply MV!

    I just thought I would give you and whoever else may be interested a short summary of what I was told about the chain. After doing some more researching and emailing both the distributor again and the manufacturer themselves I have managed to get mostly consistent answers.

    The chain in question is a Tsubaki Alpha XRG Gold (MX)

    The MX chain I received has "Super-Seal" X-rings and is effectively the same as the super sport chain. The manufacturer told me that the tensile strength between the two chains should not be different, or at least that was how I interpreted it (Customer support is in Netherlands). Not that I needed those extra 4KN with my forty-odd HP of Bandit goodness. So apparently, I should be able to maintain the chain exactly the same as a road chain.

    I must say it seems that any manufacturer that produces motorcycle related goods or the distributors selling the product have the best customer service around. I always get a well written and correct reply within around 2 hours of emailing them, even if they are based on the other side of the world.
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  4. Well slightly off topic, I always use off road chain lube whether I am riding on the road or off the road. I don't see how an off road chain lube could be any worse for riding on the road than an on road chain lube is, in fact maybe even better, and they're generally the same price, or slightly more expensive. Am I right or is there some advantage to using an on road chain lube for on road riding versus off road lube? I'm thinking I'm better off using the off road lube because, logically, it should attracted less dirt.
  5. ??

    most offroad chains are always o or x rings. all my offroad bikes have x ring chains on them.
  6. Correct, all my offroad chains are X ring- a non X or O ring chain would not be able to handle the punishment that a chook chaser dishes out.
  7. Obviously I didn't recall correctly :)

    None of mine are, but they're 420 & 428 gauge, so not real chains.
  8. When I was getting my bike serviced I asked the mechanic about that and he said that off-road lube is slightly better than the road stuff, and because of that he didn't actually sell road lube.
    I bought some and after 500km the chain was still fine. However I'm currently using dry lube on my chain after a friend gave me some. He uses it on his VT750C (daily ride) with no problems. I've noticed that it attracts next to no dirt, whereas the off-road stuff was rather tacky.
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  9. In pure racing terms an O ring chain will rob some power through friction,in the real world here most dont want to do a lot of chain maintance non O ring chains are preitty rare these days.
  10. So uh... its all good to use that chain? Haha
  11. It'll be fine.