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Mv brutale 675

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Scarfo88, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Yesterday I decided to put a deposit on brutale 675, at Peter Stevens. I was told I was the first person to put a deposit down for it, but they have already taken 15 deposits for the f3. the bike should arrive around the same time I get off my restrictions the The deposit is 100% refundable if I don't want/like the bike for whatever reason. I was tossing up between this and the street triple, however theres something that keeps drawing me back to this bike. The next 3 months are going to drag on.

    This is the colour I selected


    stay tuned as I find out more info I'll update the post.
  2. Congrats. Very nice & I've been eyeing this for awhile now.
  3. Dude that looks awesome. The F3's look hot too, but atleast you won't see the same bike as yours too often ;) well done =D> BTW when is the ETA?
  4. I've been told june/July, the price hasn't been confirmed yet but they think it will be 15k ride away, I was a little worried at first being that i don't usually buy the first model of a new production. But it's only money and you only live once.
  5. a curiously savage, but beautiful bike

    brutal, in fact :LOL:

    (lucky sod!!! :))
  6. So what price are they asking for it????
  7. the price isn't confirmed yet, I was told between 14.5-15.5k. Even though I have given a deposit I will ask them to get as close to a new street triples ride away price or at least throw some extras in.
  8. Such a good looking bike they are. Yes the F3's look nice but the Brutale, in all of it's variants, just screams out to me. Congrats!
  9. I was interested also, but after having 2 Street Triples and knowing how good they were, then reading reviews that the F3 wasnt as good as the Daytona 675 I had to stay with Triumph, so Speed Triple is it is.
    Be interested to hear your review when it arrives!
  10. I watched that mcn review as well, what I gathered from it twas that the f3 needed a custom map to iron out throttle issues at lower rpm's and that the f3 was better suited to a track then the streets. And that if you were to ride both on the street, the Daytona would be rider friendly at slower speeds.

    the real concern is when will they release the brutale 675 r :0
  11. I just found out that an EAS system will be available for both 675's

    MV Agusta says: "This system increases the already incredible performance of the F3 675 and contributes to the overall superb dynamics of the Brutale 675 allowing the rider to change gears extremely quickly without closing the gas or using the clutch."

    could anyone shed some light on this, is this similar to a slipper clutch but an electronic version. how does it work?
  12. Quickshifter
  13. But of course, the price difference is like 500 euros so I'm guessing 1000 au are these worth the price, seems unnecessary for a street bike
  14. Nice looking bike. I personally will not go near an MV after what happened with my mate's Brutale.

    Hope you enjoy it and have less issues than he did.
  15. Any update on delivery yet? can't wait to hear what you think of it.


  16. What happened?
  17. Yeah I'd be interested to know what known issues these have as well.

  18. Mee too. Since 2011 they have been getting rave reviews though.
  19. ive heard the early 2000 mv's had quite a few issues, but as of recent they have been pretty solid. I just hope they make a belly pan to hide that box where the triple exhaust sprouts from