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MV Augusta F3 National Geographic Megafactories

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Interesting to know some of the ins and the raise of F3.

    Can be real competitor to Daytona (probably not on the streets though)

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  2. I watched the video last night, was interesting and I learnt some things from it.
    I've seen a comparo between this bike and the Daytona 675, they said Daytona was the better/sensible choice. When these came out thay had bad throttle response and fuelling at lower speeds/revs. Apparently that has been largely sorted. This bike is on my short list, I like the sound of it and I sat on one at the motorcycle show in Melbourne and it felt good. I know that other bikes are probably better and more friendly on the road, but this thing seems a bit special and has some character.
  3. Yeah, I saw a guy riding it at the motorcycle show.

    The bike is beautiful despite the ugly face.

    But I get the feeling it would be aweful on the road. It's such a track machine, much like R1/6.

    Also from the video. How could engineers make an engine and then realise they don't have a stand for it :)

    I also didn't see much passion from the owner. He's driving merc and didn't even sit on it.

    With all respect due to MV, some things are a little weird to me, just IMHO :)
  4. Thanks for the link.

    I think they summed it up pretty well at the start, the father had all the passion. His son seems like just another millionaire playboy.
  5. Great vid! I got the same view as yourself (dnagir) about the owner. He seems to have more of a passion about himself than anything lol

    But The bike looks great! - except for the over done exhaust. Shame the reviews of it aren't that great for the street. It had the potential to push the daytona out a little
  6. Yeah, that's exactly the feeling I got. All he cares about is to release it and get the money.
    If his father was alive, I doubt they would release such shitty electronics (good idea, but fcuked up execution).

    I don't believe in the big future of this bike from the video above.
    They will only do the minimum effort necessary to maximise the revenue.
    And that's not what riding is about IMO.

    What daytona is missing I think is traction control. They introduced ABS and I think they will introduce TC in 2014-15.
    Otherwise F3 isn't really a competitor in my eyes (except maybe for track only use).

    Although, being a little geek, I'd love to play with its electronics. Not sure I'd go too far with it though.