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Mv Augusta brutale or not brutale

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by AustrianDude, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone. New to the forum and already got a tricky question. What bike should I get.
    I have been riding for about 6 years but mainly on the dirt. Had an xr400 which I rode to work and traded against a Ktm 450.

    Now I got the street bug and want to get a road bike. I have been tests idling a bit and can't make my mind up.
    My original budget was 10k and I was looking at the street triple, shiver and fz8.

    I have ridden all 3 above as new and must say so far I liked the shiver the most. The yammi was nice to ride but was just not as exciting to ride and to look at as the triple or the shiver.

    So last weekend a mate got me to try the mv Augusta brutale 920 and the 675. I loved both of them but both of them them are quite a bit above budget. I could get the 920 ex demo for 14500 and new for 16000. The 675 is 15000. My mate recommends to fork out the money and be done with it rather than buying a 675 now and outgrowing it in a year or two.

    I am planning to mainly ride it on weekends and hardly any commuting.

    What do you guys recon as a first naked?
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    Ok before anyone else has a go- hello to you to.

    That done see below

    1. Go to the welcome lounge and introduce yourself
    2. Search is your friend, you will find plenty of threads about the bikes already posted.
    3. Look at service costs on MV's as this adds to total cost of ownership.
    4. There is a new MV Brutale 800 coming
    5. Need to know more about your size location etc before we can really comment on choice of bike.
    6. Search is your friend
    7. Triple and Shiver new are not $10k

    See here- https://netrider.net.au/threads/mv-agusta-brutale-675.135831/

    And here - https://netrider.net.au/threads/2013-mv-agusta-brutale-800.139729/

    Here for the striple - https://netrider.net.au/threads/triumph-street-triple.76266/

    Here for the Shiver - https://netrider.net.au/threads/she-gives-me-the-shivers.132472/

    And just lastly have a good look before asking. In general we are all very helpful but a quick look before you post helps.

    And welcome to netrider lots of info here.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. Ok. Originally with my budget I was looking at getting a second hand bike rather than a new one. I haven't found many shivers in that price range but plenty of striples and the fz8 sells at the moment for 10990 new for a 2011 model.

    I am 178 and weight about 72kg.

    As tempting as it would be to have a new bike by spending above budget I am afraid of the ongoing cost of the brutales.
  4. You're 178? Spritely young chap, you are! :stir:

    But welcome mate, best go introduce yourself in the welcome lounge as per the protocol first up.

    As it's been said, search is your friend
  5. No drama, I am currently trying to get a straight answer about service intervals and costs for the Brutales as soon as I get an answer I will post it up wih links etc.

    Best guess is that the Italians will cost you about 20% more per year.

    Have you had a look at the Kawasaki ER-6n ? I have the LAMS version and IMHO not a bad first naked and you should easily be able to get one well within budget.

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. I had a chat to my local mv dealer and they said the service interval is 6000 kms. Is that a normal interval ? The first one would be 350$ and they haven't come back on the first big one yet. I also found the insurance very expensive with around the 800$mark. The question is really, is it worth the higher price besides they look awesome.

    I haven't been able to swing my leg over any kawa as there were no demos anywhere.
  7. Done. I have posted an introduction. For some reason it didn't go through the first time. ;-)
  8. Great work (y)
    6000k is typical, with a major every 12,000k. $350 isn't too bad for a minor.
  9. Depends on the make it is 6k on the Kwaka if you are in Melbourne happy for you to take mine for a spin as long as you understand if you bin it it better be a write off. :rofl:
  10. Ok. So I have done a bit more homework and ain't much closer. I read the shiver thread and I agree it's also a nice looking bike. Looks like the brutales are out of the budget with the running costs quite high. I didn't mind the striple, but the aprillia was /seems a bit more exciting. Money wise the fz8n is pretty good value for money. Do you guys recon that's a good enough argument to go for the yammi ?
  11. As your first road bike, I'd advise you buy something that is reliable and wouldn't put you off riding. If you like working on your bike and stuff, it's ok, but otherwise avoid any bikes that are yet to be proven and tested or are not known for their reliability. If I were in your situation, I'd go with the FZ8.. down the track you can always get one of those other bikes.
    Life is too short to be worrying about your broken bike, just enjoy riding.
  12. Thanks for the Tip NAK, and i do agree with it from a rational point.
    I think the only reason why i didn't straight jump for the FZ8 i that it is of course smoother compared to the triple and VTwin engines and i am afraid i would get bored with it after a year or two and then i have to fork out probably more than the difference would be now to straight get lets say the shiver.
  13. Heart before head, thats what bikes are about.
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  14. Ok. So I went out this morning and test rode a green striple 2008 model. Very unusual colour I must say but it sure makes it stick out. I am not sure why but I found the bike sometimes hard to corner and steer. That's the second triple I have noticed that on compared to the mv or shiver for example. Is it just me and my riding or the position being a bit more sporty ? I must admit it makes me doubt if the triple is the right bike either or I am just a bad rider hehe. Has anyone else had that experience ? Seems it just prefers to go straight rather than turn.
  15. Not had that experience on mine. It loves corners. Maybe it was set up badly? Low tyre pressures? Dunno.

    I find it hard to believe the Aprilia would be more fun to ride than the triumph.
  16. I think it could have been the tyres. They had a lot of ks on them and looked a bit triangular. That would make cornering a bit harder.
  17. A lot harder. Also I think they have upgraded the suspension since then. Certainly on the R which sounds worth the extra $.
    Sounds to me you should compromise and get the shiver.
    I'd get the MV. You only live once.
  18. Seeing as you are a KTM fan, have a look at either a Duke or Superduke.
  19. Well, I am Austrian so Ktm comes kind of natural. I have tried a mates super duke and I must admit that thing had nearly too much grunt for me. I recon that thing is a tyre chewer and I would hurt myself on it.
  20. The FZ8 is worth considering. It's a well balanced bit of kit, comfortable with enough berries to keep it interesting when you want to push and well mannered enough to commute on.

    I couldn't find 3-5000 dollars more value in anything it competes with. Though you could bolt on a full system, plug in a PCV+auto tune and upgrade the suspension with the money you'll save if you wanted to stretch the budget.
    But for some, the smooth and reliable 4 will lack 'soul'.