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MV Augusta Brutale 800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ride4fun, May 30, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    im reaching out to get some information on the MV Augusta brutale 800. Is it worth the money? Does it need any modifications? How does it perform if its used on a day to day basis? Looking forward in hearing your thoughts
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  2. I'm always impartial!
  3. GeorgeOGeorgeO you should be able to provide acquisition metrics to MV Agusta to prove you are increasing sales.

    @OP it's Agusta - Augusta is the sister of the month August........
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  4. No probs

    Great bike. Test ride one and tell me it doesn't excite you.

    Looking at a new one or second hand?
  5. I am booking 5 test rides in the coming weeks and one of them is the MV Augusta 800 RR... I can see that you are in love with this bike... i hope i feel the same when i ride it... I can only afford a second hand one at this stage.
  6. Which other bikes are you planning on testing?
  7. 1. Yamaha MT-09
    2. Triumph Street Triple R
    3. MV Augusta Brutale 800 RR
    4. Kawasaki Z800 ABS
    5. Suzuki GSX-S1000
  8. Replace the Z800 with the Z1000

    Shiver 750 is a nice bike and fits well into the middleweight naked category.
    As does the BMW F800R

    If you like motards then there are also the Dorsoduro and Hypermotard - don't forget the Nuda 900.

    Good list, I'll be interested to hear how you get on.
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  9. I would not bother with the Z800. It uses the Z1000 engine, just resleeved for less cc - so weight and size the same for less power. Try the Z1000 instead.
    I enjoyed the MT09 motor but did not like the suspension as much as others
    GSX S1000 looks decent.
    Loved the street triple engine, sound, price. I don't like the front headlights at all.

    Why not the BMW S1000r?

    There's another MV Agusta test riding day coming up soon.- register on the website
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  10. You ninja'd me on the z800 BitSarBitSar - damn.....
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  11. They're Zeds dude.....Ninjas have fairings......
    Hahahaha :)
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  12. Exactly this and I actually think the Z800 is heavier.
    If your going second hand the older Brutales have some common problems that you need to look out for with the most common being the sprag clutch. Do some research and ask heaps of questions when you test ride it.
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  13. I'm amazed it took almost half a day for the response.
  14. Take in to account the site was down.......
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  15. Thanks for the advice... i will go second hand as the new ones are out of my budget. Which year where there these common clutch issues?
  16. Not 100% sure, GeorgeOGeorgeO might know more. Google ' Brutale sprag clutch issue', it could shed some light.
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