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mv agusta

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 749rob, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Guess what guys the 749 got traded for a new mv agusta f4 1000 last week. What a bike can't wait for the next track day. :)

  2. I guess you now need a change of username, then...
  3. sooooo nice........congratulations buddy!!

    what colour did you get???

    give a review as to how it rides please!! :)
  4. I hate you.

    It isn't a Tamburini at least (shyeah cause I could sooooo ride one of them /sarcasm) but I still hate you.

  5. I don't think we really wanted to know that!!!

  6. I git a red/silver and put a few pieces of carbon fibre on it. About the Tamburini my brother got one at easter no 18/300 in fact I will post a few pics of he's and mine when we get time off the bikes lol. He's offered me a ride but I just can't stand the thought of falling off a bike worth that much.
  7. To quote Vivian from the "young ones"

    you utter utter utter UTTER

    :LOL: :p :LOL:

    dont come too close to me with it or i may drool just alittle bit

  8. Yeah, yeah, whatever...

    Prick. I could really get to dislike him. Hang on - I'm in Albury in fortnight. Maybe he's not such a bad bloke. ;)

    749rob, maaaate....
  9. And no Mark - you can't put a chair on it...
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I console myself with the certain knowlege that no gentleman motorbicyclist would be seen on such a garish contrivance......mutter mutter mutter
  11. I'd be interested to know how the ride is compared to the 749. :D
  12. Niiiiiiiiiiicce!

    I wish...!
  13. I was at Moto One the other day and noticed two or three second hand MV750s. Reasonably priced, I must say. Perhaps they have been traded for 1000s.
    May be a test ride is in order. :D
  14. Rob, HOW DARE YOU, I mean HOW DARE YOU, with just 6 POSTS come on to this site with such an outrageous statement!!!! Don't you realise we DON'T CARE?????????????? Don't you realise that we actually LIKE riding postie bikes and scooters and stuff, and are not the least bit interested (or jealous) about your new acquisition?? NOW GO AWAY!!!
    Seriously, of course, our collective best wishes on having such a thoroughbred machine, and psst, how about a "test ride" one day???
  15. Nah,
    the riders realised that the shoulder and back ache after 20k was just too much... :LOL: :LOL:

    Wot - me jealous???

    well - just a little bit :LOL: :evil:
  16. gee thanks 749rob i just made a puddle on the ground....

    Angelina Jolie bought one about 3 weeks ago.

  17. .... to go with the vial of Billy-Bob's blood (what sort of name is Billy-Bob, anyway??) that she used to wear round her neck? eeewwww there's more than just one thing strange about that lady....
    Anyway, back to the bike, QUEUE forms to the right......
  18. Guys I'll take a pic of mine and the Tamburini over the weekend and put it on the photo gallery next week trouble is mine looks at bit bland compared to my brothers Tamburini but I'll just hace to live with it I suppose. :LOL:
  19. We feel for your suffering......NOT!!!!!!!