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MV Agusta Zagato teaser

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by icemaker, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Someone pass the tissues to GeorgeOGeorgeO

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  2. Lets be honest - you're MUCH more exited than I am for this. You even started this thread......
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  3. Oh yeah, of course. The plastic sheets that will line the walls of my bedroom are already on order in preparation for the 4th September!
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  4. So 'word on the street' is it's a limited run of the F4 with design input from Zagato.
  5. To be honest I think the F4 is my fav in the looks department across not just MV's line up but all manufacturers. This should be a stunner.
  6. More Teasers from MV Agusta & Zagato
    08/10/2016 @ 10:53 AM, BY JENSEN BEELER7 COMMENTS


    Seemingly reading our minds from yesterday, MV Agusta has released a teaser video for its soon-to-be-revealed collaboration with Zagato.

    The video uses light a great deal to hide and reveal elements of the machine, thus obfuscating the details of the special motorcycle. But still, we can glean some important pieces of information, nonetheless.

    For starters, the MV Agusta F4 does appear to be the basis for this new machine, confirming rumors from yesterday, with the video providing a good look at the crankcase cover and chassis configuration, which are the same as those on the the inline-four superbike.

    The various other pieces we see suggest a motorcycle that is very different from the donor model though, with Zagato’s touches seemingly taking the F4 from superbike to avant-garde café racer (the above enhanced photo shows the silhouette).

    To that end, the overall aesthetic might not be that different from the Ducati MH900E, with similarly chosen modern touches on a retro design. We wll let you watch the video, checkout the stills, and make up your own mind, though.












    Source: MV Agusta (YouTube)
  7. I just cancelled my plastic sheet order after reading that. :confused:
  8. That silhouette reminds me slightly of the long ago, and not fondly remembered, Bimota Mantra.
    No doubt the MV will be a different order of attractive.
  9. I think i will withhold judgement until I see it.
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  11. I think the only proper Ninja around here is the guy in that picture!
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  12. Reported sneak peak concept

  13. wow
    they do like their gayness
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  14. I don't like the undertail exhaust...
  15. Duckface?

    Or fishface?
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  16. Second teaser just released

  17. 1 question.... what's the set height and width?? :wacky::D
  18. zagato.
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  19. It will be perfect for you!